Display fridge - beer fridge

By Adam2282 • 4 days 7 hours ago.

Does anyone know where I can get a mini beer fridge with glass door

6 comments goodlittleboy • 4 days 6 hours ago.

About End Of Service Amount

By White Devil • 1 month 1 day ago.

I have 1 year contract mentioned in my offer letter after that company would have renewed so I suppose my contract now i

3 comments goodlittleboy • 1 month 1 day ago.

Family visit visa extension

By shankarped • 1 month 1 week ago.

Dear friends my family visit visa going to be finish this month end please I want to know about extension or renewal pro

2 comments Shafna Zaquie • 1 month 1 week ago.

NEED ADVICE regarding DRIVING SCHOOLS near wakra

By noronnahar • 1 month 1 week ago.

Hello ya'll,  im thinking of getting a driving class again since i lost my chance on road test that was three years

4 comments shankarped • 1 month 1 week ago.

Dear QID holder who returned from India to Qatar in August 2020.

By ansariz89 • 1 month 3 weeks ago.

DearKindly share all procedural information for reaching to Qatar from India (Mumbai).I stuck in India since february 20

1 comments basil911 • 1 month 3 weeks ago.

Why lot of partiality for bachelors in Qatar?

By rameshwaran • 1 month 4 weeks ago.

I've faced terrible disappointment ever in my 5 year Qatar life.

4 comments Daniel Schriefer • 1 month 4 weeks ago.

Qatar to India by Vande Bharat

By parthasarathy123 • 2 months 6 days ago.

Good evening to all, Sharing my experience from Qatar to Chennai by Vande Bharat. 1.

2 comments Genghiskhan • 2 months 5 days ago.

Bujinkan in Qatar

By Incoming • 3 months 1 week ago.

Any fellow Bujinkan practitioners on here?


What is the first outdoor activity you'll do after the lockdown eases in Qatar?

By mohdnoor • 3 months 3 weeks ago.

We have all been forced to stay at home for the most part due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

5 comments Jorge_Granda • 3 months 2 weeks ago.

Online gaming clubs in Qatar?

By • 3 months 4 weeks ago.

gamersI miss going to 1 up Gaming for my fix of Fornite and COD ? Are there any online gaming clubs in Qatar?I only


Is it possible to change the sponsor now? Any restrictions imposed currently?

By Ranesh C R • 4 months 4 weeks ago.

Hi guys,Is changing  the sponsorship and getting new QID possible during these days?


Choosing house

By Delicaio • 6 months 1 week ago.

Moving is certainly a good thing, but to be sure of your move you need to find a good real estate site like FazWaz 

1 comments Molten Metal • 6 months 1 week ago.

Learn car Driving

By Shaik Abdul Hameed • 6 months 3 weeks ago.

Dear AllI am a 37 years old Indian who recently moved to Qatar.I am zero in-car driving, will I really be able to do dri

1 comments Molten Metal • 6 months 2 weeks ago.

Baduk in Doha?

By Ioancora • 7 months 3 days ago.

Anybody plays Baduk in Doha? i am around 3-4dan

2 comments Molten Metal • 7 months 1 day ago.

The Coronavirus: How worried should we be?

By goodlittleboy • 8 months 4 days ago.

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that get their name from what they look like under a microscope - they are spheric

3 comments tyeriwt99 • 6 months 3 weeks ago.

How can I find a certain person in qatar

By ibransfw • 8 months 6 days ago.

Hello everyone I hope yall doing good .Iam looking for an old friend he is living in qatarHis name is : ismail kama

5 comments goodlittleboy • 8 months 6 days ago.


By Jaseera junaid • 8 months 1 week ago.

We lost 16grms gold from my 5yr daughtr somewhere in oru between doha festivel city n qartiyath on 14th jnuary if anyone

1 comments wipig • 5 months 1 week ago.

Looking for a group to play DnD, FRP, tabletop

By romarod27 • 8 months 3 weeks ago.

Hey everyone,Im from Turkey and i started working here 4 months ago.I wanna meet with people and form a group to play FR

1 comments smoncho • 8 months 2 weeks ago.

Looking for DOTA 2 Players

By philipsalfred • 10 months 4 days ago.

Hey Guys,I have been desperately looking around for DOTA 2 players in Qatar.

1 comments wta123 • 3 months 6 days ago.

Nanny/housemaid needed

By SakoHatabian • 10 months 2 weeks ago.

looking for:Full time Housemaid/ Nanny for small family ,small house Visa to be providedPreferrably Filipina with t



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