By Doha_girl77

So, I own a Nokia phone that's not a bad phone, but to many of my friends it's considerd to be ancient. I'm known to not be good with phones cuz I tend to drop them, or lose them very easily! Anway, I need to buy a new one, and it seems like the blackberry or blueberry as I call it is a hugee hit now in Qatar. So my question is, is it really worth buying? And why are they so rediculously expenisive, If i heard correctly, they are almost 4,000 rials..?

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By Silvia Abdullah• 8 years 2 months ago.
Silvia Abdullah

normally all new phone tht just got release the range price will b 3500 and above........its normal.

just wait half of ur life and sure the price will b 500 be PATIENCE

By ggjoseph• 8 years 2 months ago.

bold is the best!

the Storm is a real piece of shit....

....bold is the most user friendly and every old aging professional I have met (quiet a few) ahve only bolds or curves.

I dont think the curves have 3G though?

The bold has wifi etc etc in it.

By mihajlonet• 8 years 6 months ago.

I still use my old BB 8310 and it's the greatest phone I ever used! Was also using iPhone for more then a year... The only flow on 8310 is it doesn't have wifi... :(

8900 and Bold are best Blackberries at the market at this point... Whoever wants to buy them won't regret it...

By Doha_girl77• 8 years 9 months ago.

From what everyone I know who owns one says, the Bold is the best.

By mmyke• 8 years 9 months ago.

so what is the best Blackberry to buy?

By anonymous• 8 years 9 months ago.

Blackberry STORM Vodafone - my worst nightmare

1) User unfriendly, no logic in the menu's

2) Keypad is horrific (especially for males with thicker thumbs)

3) screen keeps on flipping

4) Battery, since two weeks - 12 hours and it is GONE.

5) Battery is drained, god knows how long it takes for it to recharge.

6) Signal - HORRIBLE. This is due to the phone a design flaw.

Online you can read ,many many people with similar complaints. On Vodafone fora however, complaints get removed. I got mine in Bahrain so can not use the e-mail options here, which is fine by me, but even this seems to be a pain in the ass.

By rebel• 8 years 9 months ago.

typing is not easy on storm...its touchscreen response is slow...and it can't play few popular video formats though it is a multimedia mobile.

By mmyke• 8 years 9 months ago.


By rebel• 8 years 9 months ago.

i agree with you Hotboss...storm is not a reliable and easy to use cellphone..the kaypad is not user friendly too...the most painful part is to write an sms...but vodafone will mainly support these two models only in the begining

By mmyke• 8 years 9 months ago.

what is wrong with the storm? I heard that it was the best one!

By anonymous• 8 years 9 months ago.



By rebel• 8 years 9 months ago.

pinelands...vodafone ha not yet decided whether they will launch Iphone 3gs but discussions are going on..once its approved they will launch it too...but so far no news of launching Iphone 3gs

By rebel• 8 years 9 months ago.

Doha_girl77....Vodafone is gonna launch BB bold 9000 and BB 9500 storm...bold will be for 2.5 and storm will be for 2.9 if you still don't get it then PM me i will tell you the prices with the packages....vodafone will be launching very very exciting package before and during get ready people:)

By pinelands• 8 years 9 months ago.

rebel when is vodafone launching the iphone 3gs.

By Doha_girl77• 8 years 9 months ago.

No no I'm not wanting to buy a new phone because my friends think its old lol, It's just dieing out, and very slow and I'm in need of a new one! The only thing I really like about the BB is that you can send free sms's all over the world right to other people who have a BB? I just want something that you can access the internet easily and that doesn't have all these problems that the newer Nokia's tend to have. And Rebel: lol whats it gona take for u to let us in on the price secrete! haha no i'll just wait a bit, I'm sure Voda phone will have a good package, they better! Since they have made us wait soo long for them to finally be set up! JackMohan: Thanks, I'm gonna look into that, Samsung is known to be good aswell. I heard outta all the BB the bold is the best outta them all?

By ninjarose• 8 years 9 months ago.

i still have my phone 6800 since it was first launch in 2005... for me, phone is for calling and SMS.... I dont care about other features bec internet is accessible anywhere...

By master_mas• 8 years 9 months ago.

my favorite right now is the iPhone with 3G, Edge to check emails and surf the net and also, Sygic. a very good and powrfull GPS. just like Garmin. (Google it)

you can get Garmin Application with voice directions on the N95.. my brother got it..

By anonymous• 8 years 9 months ago.

The only Blackberry...advantage is the email account with the account.

best mobile package right now is Samsung can access Internet, Messenger account, VOIP, even yahoo, gmail & all other email accounts etc ....also 5MP camera, touch screen & Garmin-GPS.....the Garmin GPS is the real star....

Well Nokia 95 8 GB is also a steal at QR 1600 it too has all the above functions and GPS (but not Garmin).

Even IPhone too is of similar class.

By abynel• 8 years 9 months ago.

and it works fine with me..... my husband brought for 2000 at starlink...but if you are comfortable in using your old mobile phone and you could still use it properly it is doesn't matter whatever unit you have... dont just listen to your friends think about it if you really need it and you have the money then buy or buy a less cheaper phone than blackberry or be contented on what you have now...

Hope it helps

By rebel• 8 years 9 months ago.

Blackberry is an awesome phone,specially from business point of can stay connected to your inbox to instantly reply to your important e-mails...use blackberry messenger to chat ...the price you said "4000" is not correct....just wait for few more days..Vodafone qatar is going to launch blackberry in the market with affordable price tag.i know the price but can't reveal it before the launch :D

By fubar• 8 years 9 months ago.

I'd be wary now about getting a Blackberry in the Gulf after what's just happened in the UAE.

Basically, Etisalat sent a software upgrade to Blackberry users.

"RIM (Research in Motion, the Blackberry developer) issued a strongly worded statement, dated July 17, saying the software update etisalat issued to its BlackBerry customers earlier this month was designed to intercept private communication, contrary to etisalat's claim that it was intended for network performance enhancement. "

By baldrick2dogs• 8 years 9 months ago.

Nokia N86 ;o)

FU, I agree about the making calls bit. I have a friend works for Qtel who says the best phone he's ever had (and still uses) is the Nokia 6110 :o)

By DaRuDe• 8 years 9 months ago.

go for that its great costs around 2900Qr.

or better than that Iphone

By anonymous• 8 years 9 months ago.

By the way... I have a blackberry storm...


By anonymous• 8 years 9 months ago.

A phone should text and make calls... your friends, find freaking new ones... friends do not care about phones, pretentious bitches do. I have friends that make QR 60.000 p/m and have normal phones.

My question,

How does a phone add value to you???

My message, buy whatever you can EASILY afford and screw your friends if they open their mouths.

By shiva87• 8 years 9 months ago.

The price of Blackberry's here isn't that expensive. The main ones you're looking at are gonna be around 2000-2500 (2000 for the Curve 8900 and 2500 for the BB Bold 9000, I just saw the prices today at Starlink, City Center)

I own a Blackberry Bold and I love the device (after using Nokia for years and giving the iPhone a try as well). To use their push email and BB Messenger (with which you can chat with any other BB device in the world for free, anytime!) and internet on the BB, you'll need a blackberry package from Q-Tel (something around 125 bucks per month).

Have a look at the phones at Starlink, I would recommend one :)

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