The Hub: Do so much under one roof!

The Hub: Do so much under one roof!

By Noor Odeh

You wake up in the morning, check your to-do list and find that you have errands to run, but you also want time for yourself to do yoga or meet a friend. You can have it all here in Qatar at The Hub located underneath Tower 3 at Porto Arabia - The Pearl and they’re open from 8:00AM – Midnight every day.

The Hub is a family-run Qatari business where you can take free community classes, shop at their convenience store, grab something from their juice and salad bar, purchase nature’s perfume from a flower corner by Plaza Hollandi, and meet a friend over coffee at their café.

The Hub is also soon going to open a bakery where you can enjoy fresh bread. The goal and vision is bringing the community closer together. They advocate and promote healthy lifestyles from the choices of food and beverages they offer. They also want to add a board where they would display fliers of future events they want to host.

The Community classes:

The Hub offers an array of community classes throughout the week and month.

Here are the classes they offer:


One of the family members of the founders, the mother, is an Arabic teacher. At The Hub, she offers Arabic classes for beginners such as for non-Arabic speakers and Arabic speakers who would like to enhance their skills. She teaches in formal Arabic and teaches the basics like greeting words and phrases. Best part, it’s all for free and it’s offered twice a week, Monday’s and Friday’s.

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Yoga classes were offered every weekend, before opening time. Many people enjoyed it. It took a short break but they will resume with yoga sessions shortly. Stay tuned on their social media to learn when they’ll resume.

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English Calligraphy:

Once a month, you can get the chance to learn English calligraphy and try it yourself. Workshops usually take place on Friday’s or Saturday’s. His Grateful Pen and Alphabets By Aqsaa Adil both held workshops at The Hub.

Post-natal workshops:

Starting Sunday, November 11th, 2018, they will host the first Sunday out of six for mothers and babies. The sessions will be managed by Embrace Female Fitness & Wellbeing. Each of the six sessions will be one hour long, a 30-minute private consultation and you can get the chance to be added to a private Facebook group where you can get ongoing support and ask questions. This workshop isn’t free, each course costs QR600. Places are limited to ensure all mums get the attention they deserve. Don’t miss your spot, contact Sonia at

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Sewing is essential in our lives, honestly! You can use that skill for when you accidently rip your pants or when you just want to decorate something out of strings for your office or home. Hobby House Qatar comes to The Hub to teach people how to get creative with strings!

Cooking workshops:

Soon The Hub is planning on offering cooking workshops to learn a thing or two in the kitchen, let’s face it, some of us need those workshops!

The Convenience Store:

In their convenience store, they have imports from countries such as the United States, where expatriates could find a piece of home. And if they don’t stock what you want, they’ll listen and try to get it for you.

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For those living at the Pearl, if you’re tired, but need groceries, they offer home delivery, just call 5024-6000. However, stay on the lookout for when an app comes out where you can order your groceries through your screen.

Juice and Salad Bar:

You can get fresh juice, salads and freshly-cut fruits at their Juice and Salad Bar. They have options to meet everyone’s dietary needs; vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. The Hub advocates for healthy eating and better diet choices. Don’t forget to try their smoothie bowls and coconut bowls, that’s their specialty!

Also, depending on the season of fruits, they offer seasonal menu that changes with every new inspiration! You’ll be challenged to find a healthier and more convenient food option in Doha.


As part of their café, they have chairs and tables arranged to accommodate large groups if customers want to have business meetings or just a large group of friends who want to hang out and connect with one another. One of the founding members had a vision of a business-like center area at the café. They have free Wi-Fi, multiple charging outlets and soon they will implement a printer for the public to use. You can work or chat and enjoy a cup of coffee that comes from Honduras and Ethiopia. They also cater if you’re hosting an event, just give them a call and ask!

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Flower Corner by Plaza Hollandi:

The Flower Corner has an exquisite selection of indoor plants, succulents and beautiful bouquets. With fresh deliveries of flowers daily, you’ll always find something interesting and new.


To learn more about The Hub, check out their website by clicking here! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @thehubdoha 


Wouldn’t you like to spend your day at The Hub? Let us know in the comments below.

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