Kite Surfing

By flysurfer

Any kite surfers out there? I'm moving to Qatar this fall and am wondering if there is much of a kite surfing community there. Looking for others to ride with/learn from.


By fede• 15 years 9 months ago.
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there are a few good spots on the nothth coast, you should try zekreet if you are beginner. Now the wind is weak but it picks up in autumn and winter.

By the_kite_kid• 15 years 8 months ago.
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THese kite topics just seem to end at the fact that one can kitesurf in Qatar.

What about locations / wind directions, or who to get in touch with RE kitesurfing...send me a message if you would like to leave contact details

I'll be moving to Doha shortly. Have fairly good kiting expereince in the ME, having lived in Dubai and kited most of the Emirate and Omani coastline.

By sammie1571• 15 years 10 months ago.
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Ask Super 7 he does it

By Pilot Pollution• 15 years 8 months ago.
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Pilot Pollution

Hey guys,

This forum is leading to nowhere, so i did some search on my own.

I found a sports shop that sells kitesurf equipement and sails for windsurfing (not windsurf boards cause apparently no one's buying them). It's on Salwa road and it's called Skate Shack.

Being a windsurfer and wanting to learn how to kitesurf without killing myself i also searched for some kite lessons, and i found a guy that does that on the western coast of qatar (an hour drive from doha). It costs 200 rials for a 2 hour lesson, and apparintly u need two lessons to get to be independent. I didn't have the lessons yet cause there were no wind since i found the guy. He should thank me for the publicity, his name is AKRAM and his phone number is 5899217.

I'm hoping he could lead me to kitesurfing comunity cause it sucks to surf in solo. Anyway i'd love to meet anyone doing kite or windsurfin qatar so comtact me on and maybe we'll sail together.

By Slord• 12 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

I am an IKO (international kitesurfing organisation) qualified instructor visiting Qatar for a period of 5 weeks. Whilst here i am running private 1-on-1 tuition or group courses. If you are interested in taking up the sport, or wish to progress to the next level, e-mail me at

Most of my lessons are conducted in the north of the country, fuwairit beach, where the winds are very stable.

Training equipment is provided by me. Students(beginner level) should provide their own helmet.

See u on the beach :-)

By Patriclad• 12 years 5 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

I've recently accquired a 12 metre Flexifoil Neutron kite and kite board and am keen to give it a go (i've kited in the past but never kite boarded)

I would like a couple of refresher lessons and some info on good spots in Qatar to kitesurf in.

Anybody know of any good teachers or an active kite surf community please mail me on


By johng• 14 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

I lived in Kuwait for 2.5 years and travelled to Qatar a few times.

There is no surf in the Persian Gulf, except a bit of wind swell now and then as it is closed to the open ocean. On the very odd occasion Q8 would get about 3 foot, but that would be in a howling onshore, so it was not really surfable.

There isn’t generally not a lot of wind in the Gulf, but there seems to be more in Qatar than most of the places. In additional to large kites, I would also take a surfboard to bash about in the little wind swell when it happens. I saw a little white water on the reef where the guy was kiting, but it looked to be breaking in a fin snapping depth.

I have left Qatar in wind to arrive in Q8 with it calm. A few years ago there was a bit of a kiting community in Qatar.

There is a Q8 based kiting chat page – (I seem to remember). One of the guys travelled and kited in Qatar quite often, so it might be worth logging into that forum.

I saw some guys kiting at the expat yacht club. It is out of town.

The windy season in Q8, which I imagine will be the same as Qatar, is from about late May to Sep, but you get an odd blow over the winter. In Q8, the wind in Q8 seemed to happen when the temperature reached 47 degrees, but that isn’t statistically proven, just my caustic observation. The wind is called the Shamal (north Easter). I also worked in Bahrain for a few months, which is quite near to Qatar, and they also seemed to get some wests.

Heaps of people are moving to Qatar – I was offered a job there today, but am having too much fun in WA.

By Roman 1• 12 years 5 months ago.
Roman 1

Hello,2 kites 16 and 20m.made in 2005.North "5th element".

Never used.Good price.For


By fede• 15 years 10 months ago.

sure we are a few around here

By wavearchitecture• 13 years 6 months ago.


I've done it for the past two years and can ensure that with the right conditions you can get fun waves.

For location of surfing and kitesurfing spots visit:

By nico• 14 years 10 months ago.

Good news ! I'm moving to Doha on November. Took also a couple of lessons this summer and would like someone to ride with !

By flysurfer• 15 years 9 months ago.

As far as I know we get fingerprinted when we get there. All the agency asked for is the police certificate. They even went as far as to tell me not to get a police search based on fingerprints, just name and address, which only took ten minutes at the local RCMP office. I've read something about getting the police certificate attested when you land in Doha at the embassy there or something. Maybe someone else knows more, I'm still going through the process myself. Hope that helps, you can always ask the HR person at your company or recruitment agency.

Good Luck and let me know if you learn of anything different.

By Mirage• 15 years 9 months ago.

well you cant really surf, to the best of my knowlage, i mihgt be wrong, like the waves arent large enough to surf around like you do in say hawaii etc...but i know you can kite surf, my IT teacher is the chairman of the kite surfing federation

By The Swede• 14 years 10 months ago.
The Swede

Sounds interesting! I'm moving to Doha at the end of Sept. Took a couple of lessons this summer. Am a total newbie and would also like someone to ride with. Will keep in touch.

By FloraPESTRE• 10 years 8 months ago.

Enjoy kiteboarding in Qatar

IKO instructor. All levels lessons.




By Kiteboarding Qatar• 10 years 8 months ago.
Kiteboarding Qatar

Hello all, we run fully accredited IKO certified courses from complete beginner right upto instructor level. Not to mention fun kite excursions, kite seafaris and downwinders for experienced kiters!;)

Contact us on any of the following options for more info!

FB: Kiteboarding Qatar


By FloraPESTRE• 11 years 5 months ago.

Hi everybody,

If you are interested in Kiteboarding lessons, you can contact me, I am a kitesurfing instructor and teaching in Doha everyday.



By sammie1571• 15 years 10 months ago.

Dam these double posts

By anonymous• 12 years 8 months ago.

Qatarkiteboarding school/equipments/support .

Call 3474176

By AbcaRieno_boo• 12 years 5 months ago.


i am a coach for windsurf in the sailing club after the marriot and we have a group of surfers i can arrange something to join and enjoy.

this is my mob. +974 5351 710 (AbcaRieno_boo/-a-t-/

i have a full rig for sale in a vvvvvv good condition and board as well when u buy it and u need a help to learn i can assist u with a few leassons in the club ,see the link below:


By EuroGirl• 14 years 10 months ago.


I'm moving to Doha in 3 weeks and I'm also into the watersports..did windsurfing, bodyboarding, I can see here there's no big surf community so we just have to start that...stay in touch..we might create surf group???

By ryder• 14 years 1 month ago.

Hi all, I am moving to Al Khor in August. I am looking to get into kite surfing while there, I did it a little in Brasil. I am hoping to connect with some people out there. Would anyone recommend bringing all the equipment or is it easy to buy in Qatar? Lessons? Feel free to contact me.

By non0• 11 years 2 months ago.

Hi Flora ... when is the wind/temperature best season for kite (or you surf all year around) and where do you usually surf? thanks

By jB_• 13 years 5 months ago.

I'm a windsurfer and new to Qatar. Searching around I've found some info about spots, etc. I've been to Fuwairit and Zekreet just looking around. Haven't sailed here yet. My question is to the regular kiters or windsurfers.. Where do you go for what wind directions? Zekreet for anything westerly and Fuwairit for everything else?

Is there a group or more active board for kiters and windsurfers in Qatar?

Hoping to see some people on the water next time we got some wind.

By alexGR• 13 years 9 months ago.

for kitesurfing and windsurfing gear please contact or call 6929791

By Shahter• 13 years 6 months ago.

wave needs to stop spamming the forums with trying to sell his secret surfing spots for $10 - it's lame as everyone knows this part of the Gulf doesn't get enough swell to have decent waves.

Wind was awesome at Fuwairit yesterday but there were only 3 kiters including me, is everybody on vacation or what?

Go have fun, it should be windy today (but don't forget your wetsuit!)

By spoerry• 15 years 9 months ago.

hya !

you know of some surfing spots in the region ? in oman ?

or - in a completely different matter- some dunes skiing ?



By jB_• 13 years 4 months ago.

Frederic.. Monday you can expect to see people at Wakra beach in the evening. Since it is the closest spot to Doha people go there after work. There is almost guaranteed to be some kiters out. If I can get out of work early enough I'll be there. You'll see me cause I'm pretty much guaranteed to be the only windsurfer there. :)

Windsurfers are a rare breed in Qatar. Seems like everyone switches to kiting here due to the predominantly light winds and trouble getting ws gear.

By ladislao• 13 years 6 months ago.

I’m also looking for somebody to teach me for long time... I had seen a group of people in the bay near Dukhan, maybe one of you.... but they where too far away to communicate with them.

I could get the equipment in Europe or UAE, but I will need some advice from some of you.

If you are planning to go next Friday, I would like to join you.


Ladislaom at gmail

By telljax• 14 years 10 months ago.

sounds like amazing fun..i knw a place her where u can go jet skiing and stuff so no probs regarding the water sports thing..hopefully ill learn how to kitesurf with u ppl..lets hope we can work this thing out

By milou• 15 years 9 months ago.

I am just wondering if you could share some info with me since you are Canadian and moving to Qatar. I am in the same situation and my paperwork are being finalized. I am not quiet clear about fingerprints and police certificate. Do we need to bring it with us as Canadians. Please advice if you are aware of that.

Thanks a lot


By Kiteboarding Qatar• 10 years 8 months ago.
Kiteboarding Qatar

Check out or join us on FB!:)

By flysurfer• 15 years 8 months ago.

Great info. I'm still waiting for the visa (paperwork has been sent about 3 weeks ago.) then I will know when I'll be there. Am definitely looking to meet others to ride with.

By Qatarsquash• 8 years 3 months ago.

check our great coach also on facebook at

By lewes1• 12 years 11 months ago.


I get mixed messages, but I expect to kite there. I have seen too many pictures and comments to think that kiting is not good in qatar... Anyway I'll find you guys...

By wavearchitecture• 13 years 6 months ago.

I hope you've enjoyed your kitesurfing.

I wasnt intending to spam the forum neither provide false information, I wouldn't spend my time on that.

For those interested, the ebook is available.

And please dont say it's lame because it took me a good deal of time to compile 22 pages of useful information which includes descriptions to access the spots, weather conditions and real own pictures.

This is about proper surfing, no surfing the net or wake riding. You wont regret, guarranteed. It wont be glassy or barreling thats for sure but you'll have fun even with a shortboard.

If everyone believed this part of the Gulf doesn't get enough swell to have decent waves, then everyone is wrong.

All the best.


By alexGR• 13 years 8 months ago.

airush 2009 now in Doha...

By Kiteboarding Qatar• 10 years 8 months ago.
Kiteboarding Qatar

Check out or join us on FB!:)

By chadinko• 13 years 10 months ago.

Hi guys

I've been here in Doha almost 3 years ago i started kitesurfing with this guy named Akram i took one lesson with him and the rest was on me i did it couple of times after then i got a bit busy so i couldn't continue into practicing but since last year this guy just disappeared, changed his phone number or maybe he left the country, anyway i know almost all places best for starting this sport and a place where you can buy or repair your gear.

so if there is anyone who needs help or to go with i'm ready

my contact number is 5973594


By LeighLee• 13 years 4 months ago.

of the sandstorm

By Shahter• 13 years 8 months ago.

I'm selling a full kit for kitesurfing - everything you need to get started! All gear in nice condition.

See the details here:

Good winds to all!

By newkidontheblock• 13 years 2 weeks ago.


By anonymous• 12 years 8 months ago.


By anonymous• 12 years 8 months ago.


By anonymous• 12 years 8 months ago.


By D_Lexander• 13 years 5 months ago.

Just checked

Looks like there will be wind tomorrow, am keen to go out but never Kite Surfed in Qatar before.

Let me know if interested and we can organize something.

/ Dan

By Frederic• 13 years 4 months ago.


I don't have many days off in Qatar, but I do have a day off on Monday 2nd of March when it will be very windy ! I am an experienced windsurfer in Europe, but don't have any gear with me in Qatar. Can anybody tell me if it's possible to rent some material ? Another possibility would be to learn kitesurfing and take some lessons. Anybody knows somebody who teaches kitesurfing ans has material ? And a last question : where do you usually go on the water ?

You can always contact me on 589 75 29 or .

Many grtz and hope to see some people on Monday.

By flysurfer• 15 years 10 months ago.

I'm still learning, so I would like to be able to go out with others while I gain experience. Where do u guys tipically ride? I will be moving to Al Khor, any good spots nearby? Appreciate the responses.


By Tucky• 13 years 1 month ago.

...kit for kitesurfing out there?

I'd like to take a couple of lessons before I headed out, could see it being a fun hobby.

By Pandy• 12 years 4 months ago.

Hi Roman;

I am moving to Doha next week and I would like to have some kite lessons as I have no experience at all.

Could you give some tips where to find a Kite instructor?

Thanks :)

By jB_• 13 years 5 months ago.

Tjena Daniel..

I can't believe how windy Wakra was today.. not what I expected (as was evident from the gear I brought). Hopefully we'll get to play tomorrow (Tuesday) too.

Good to see some people out there today.. ditching work early and getting in an afternoon sesh. :)

By• 13 years 2 weeks ago.

im very interested in kitesurfing, just dont know how to make my first step here, i live in al khor, heard that people do kitesurfing in north shores around here but how can i get started without training and equipment? your answer on qatar living or to my email will be very highly appreciated.

By Il sunny• 13 years 5 months ago.
Il sunny


Im also looking forward to do kite boarding in Qatar. But i am a beginner so I need some person to do with. If you have any plan to fly the kite please let me know.

My email address is '' and Mob no. is 557-4976.

Please do it together.

By flysurfer• 15 years 8 months ago.

Yeah I agree, not a whole lot of info. I'm moving there soon myself and just kind of figured I would find people when I got there. Feel free to drop me a line if you find out anything.

By chadinko• 13 years 10 months ago.

Hi guys I'm also a beginner on kite surfing and it will be great if i find somebody to go with.

is there anybody surfing these times.

By nico• 14 years 10 months ago.

A watersports'community ! good idea ! I'm sure that we are not the only one looking for people to ride with !

Feel free to drop me a line if you find out anything.

Keep in touch

By Gleidy• 15 years 9 months ago.

Hi everyone... i'm going to be going to Doha for christmas. I was wondering before i went if there are any surfing spots in Qatar so that i know if to bring my surfboard... thanks for any input

Also any ideas for what to do or where to go are also welcomed thanks !!!

By FahadAjman• 12 years 8 months ago.

watch out !!!!!!! dry climate can be a fun killer

By anonymous• 13 years 4 months ago.

some other time

By flysurfer• 15 years 9 months ago.

Should be coming there by November give or take. Will check it out. Any surfing? Also what about gear/repairs? Any surf/windsurf shops in Qatar?


By Airline• 13 years 7 months ago.

Does anyone can teach me to kitesurf? I am so interested of that but can nothink. I will go to the shop in Sweden to buy the stuff for kiteboarding/surfing.

Thanks people

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