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Al Bidda Park, also previously known as Al Rumailah Park, is a pet-friendly, newly renovated park situated between Corniche Street and Maajilis Al Taawon Street. For this weekend’s edition of QLNow, we decided to recommend the park as the weather gets balmier.

The park reopened on Tuesday, the 13th of February, in celebration of Qatar National Sport Day 2018. Aside from its size, trails and beautiful scenic flora, the fact that Al Bidda is Qatar's very first pet-friendly park, definitely sets it apart. Before its closure in 2014, Al Bidda was one of Doha’s oldest and most popular public parks.

Last September the striking red (really, maroonish) road was opened along the Corniche, extending from the Qatar National Theatre to the Emiri Diwan roundabout.

The Gulf Times reported that the street gets its unique colour from its red asphalt paving and is a first-of-its-kind attempt in the country, and is part of the park project.

Activities such as biking, football, barbecuing, and dog-walking weren't allowed previously . 

In order to keep the the park pet and people-friendly, pet owners are advised to keep their pet on a leash at all times and bring baggies and a pooper-scoop with them as these items are unavailable in the park.

Rules for the general public include:
1. Share the trail—this is a multi-use park.
2. Leave no trace—dispose of your waste in the designated areas.
3. Avoid loud noises—these may disturb animals or other visitors.
4. Be vigilant—you are responsible for your own safety, and that of others.
5. No motorised vehicles—except for wheelchairs, electric bikes, and service vehicles.
6. In case of an emergency—please call 999.

Some of the coolest additions to the park are the horse and camel trails and the human maze.

The park also includes large gymnasiums, including one for women, as well as outdoor exercise equipment, sports, open-air playgrounds, an open theatre which can seat 850 spectators, as well as tracks for bicycles, horses and camels, water areas, and other recreational and service facilities. 

With a total area of about 2 million square meters, Al Bidda Park includes a number of public service facilities, the most important of which are underground parking spaces for approximately 6,000 cars. The park is one of the main areas to be allocated as a fan-zone for the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup.

According to KEO, the winning participants in a design competition for the renewed Al Bidda Park, the design for Al Bidda Park focused on enhancing the abundance of elements that sit within the boundary. Nature, Culture, History and Function were the four key design factors that contributed to the development of the park Concept Design to ensure a natural and comfortable setting is provided that represents the Qatari people.


• From Doha Airport, head along Corniche Street, the long street extending along Doha Bay. Drive past the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) towards the towering sky-scrapers of West Bay.
• After passing Souq Waqif and the Emiri Diwan you’ll see the park on your left hand side.



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