Visas and Permits

Family Visit Visa for PH passport

By ninzy@1987 • 31 May 2024

Kabayans, is visa stamp/sticker for family visit visa from Qatar Embassy in PH a strict requirement in airline check in


How to convert my wife work visa to family residence,(RP)

By Sahil sam • 29 May 2024

How to convert my wife work visa to family residence,(RP)please can you advice me what is the procedure and what are the


Name issue on QID

By AngelCake891 • 23 May 2024

Hi EveryoneNeed some advice on the following issue. So my mother has her first name and last name on her passport:

2 comments ham2001tt • 3 weeks 1 day ago.

YEARLY RESIDENT - 02 Years Visa Issued . Is the Medical Process before or After this visa is issued. ?

By Uwaise123 • 21 May 2024

I went to medical Test in India, then came due to some issue, My medical report came as Failed in Feb 2024.  So cam


Applying Resident permit

By Dis z emraan • 14 May 2024

Dear friends,Last week, I applied for my family's resident permit through Metrash, but it was rejected with the reason "

3 comments gowtham96760 • 1 month 3 days ago.

Visa issues for Nigerians what can I do

By Federicakostas • 6 May 2024

Honestly why is it hard for Nigerians to get a visa and we pay a fortune to get here my sponsor refused to make my id iv


Hayya A1 tourist visa

By PIUS E PHILIP • 4 May 2024

Can a resident apply for Hayya A1 tourist visa for others.If yes what is the procedure.?


Visit visa name correction

By Abdul Kasim • 30 Apr 2024

Hi i applied visit visa,on the day of travelling at airport airline stopped entry due to no space in my name on visa cop

1 comments Ahamed Kabeer Riffai • 1 week 7 hours ago.

Family visa issue

By Ajaysharma • 29 Apr 2024

Hi. My son visa approved on 22 April and same day my wife visa no.

30 comments Raja214 • 1 month 2 weeks ago.

Comprehensive Road Travel Guide from Qatar to UAE via Saudi Arabia

By skenconx • 23 Apr 2024

Navigate the journey from Qatar to the UAE through Saudi Arabia with our detailed road travel guide, including essential

1 comments ShaunaB1 • 1 month 2 weeks ago.

Comprehensive Road Trip Guide from Qatar to Bahrain via Saudi Arabia

By skenconx • 23 Apr 2024

Embarking on a road trip from Qatar to Bahrain means traversing through Saudi Arabia, utilizing the King Fahd Causeway.

1 comments ShaunaB1 • 1 month 2 weeks ago.

Inquiry for renewing Minors passport

By Jin Wara • 21 Apr 2024

Good day,TIA for those who will answer.Would like to clarify what are the requirements in renewing minors passport in th


Family Residence Visa still Under Process

By ARUN PRASATH1713602062 • 20 Apr 2024

I have applied for family residence visa for my WIFE & SON.

2 comments ExplorerQatar • 1 month 6 days ago.

QID and Change of sponsorship issue

By Samra Kanibpal • 17 Apr 2024

Hello everyone, i hope someone can give me an advise about what happened to my Change of Sponsorship issue. Here's


House maid to company transfer process

By yasir980 • 15 Apr 2024

Respected members!  I want to transfer a Philippines girl on a house maid visa to a company,  she also have NO


Qatar ID remain same once Born in Qatar?

By rocky balbowa • 11 Apr 2024

Hi, One of the Mandoob had mentioned that once a child is born in Qatar its QID remains the same throughout the lif

1 comments ShaunaB1 • 1 month 2 weeks ago.

On arrival visa for New born babies

By • 10 Apr 2024

Hi to everyone,Anyone who brings the new born baby through on arrival resident visa in airport.


The medical test for a Qatar work visa

By jesse628wallick • 28 Mar 2024

The medical test for a Qatar work visa primarily focuses on infectious diseases that could impact public health.


QID renewal MOL approval

By • 26 Mar 2024

 i had initated for id renewal , its been forward to MOL for renweal .


Visiting Qatar with UAE Visa (Emirates ID) after QID Expiry

By • 25 Mar 2024

Hello everyone,I am an Indian citizen who previously worked in Qatar before relocating to the UAE in pursuit of better o



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