On Arrival visa requirments.

By ajay_j

Hi All,

I want to bring my wife to Qatar from India using On Arrival tourist VISA. I know that she should have a passport of minimun six minths validity and return ticket.

Is Hotel booking is Mandatory for On Arrival Visa? Or can she just say that she we will be with me, by showing them our marriage certificate.

Kindly advice me on this.

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By ajay_j• 10 months 5 days ago.

Many thanks NaRiK

By NaRiK• 10 months 6 days ago.

No need of Hotel Booking if u have a valid QID. Just tell your wife to keep a copy of your QID thats enuf

By ajay_j• 10 months 6 days ago.

Many thanks for the info.

By mnapin• 10 months 6 days ago.

Hotel booking is mandatory. Just go to any hotel and they will give you the hotel booking for 100.00 Qatari riyals only.Return or onward journey ticket also required.

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