Family residence permit without degree

By Mark_mark

Dear All,

Just received an offer to work in Qatar for an oil and gas company, my area of expertise is a very specific one in which I have more than 20 years experience, however I don't have an engineering degree, the offered salary is close to 60K QR per month, so the salary is not an issue and people have told me that I won't be able to get my family to live with me there, the company seems willing to take me onboard but they haven't clarified this point yet, it will help me to take a decision if you can share with me any experiences.



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By Mark_mark• 1 year 2 months ago.

Thanks to everyone for the heads up, I guess that's the reason why they haven't clarify it, if that is the case, I will decline the offer and stay where I'm now, I better keep my family next to me, no extra cash can buy that.

Dear Molten Metal,

Not sure if you are a troll or not, but if you really think that way, sorry to say but you are a horrible human being my friend.

Thanks again.


By AJAY_JOSHI• 1 year 2 months ago.

Hello Mark,

If you do not have an Bachelors degree its next to impossible to sponsor your family for Residence Permit. I have been trying this for past 3+ years without any luck. However if your Company's PRO is strong enough with good connections then it is possible. The simple issue is if your profession on your Residence Permit is "Engineer" or "Manager" or anything above this then as per MOI (Immigration) you need to have a Bachelors degree. And considering that you dont have bachelors degree then MOI may put your profession as General Supervisor or Supervisor, both these professions are not eligible for family RP irrespective of your salary and position in your company. Hope this clarifies your doubt.

By iswariya• 1 year 2 months ago.

Degree certificate is important I think ,,, check below link

By Molten Metal• 1 year 2 months ago.
Molten Metal

Mark, Keep the family & profession separate, do not allow your dependents pull your legs from behind ......... .......... Let your family stay where they are now and you head for your work area without any delay ........ That is good for the both parties ........... Wish you good luck & joys ......... Let your family be independent & learn to manage for themselves ....... make them strong & not weak by supporting them so closely ...................

By Mark_mark• 1 year 2 months ago.

Thanks britexpat,

I guess that is an option and applies in every country, however I was looking for a case where that had happened, I was looking online but I haven't found a documented case over there only one of a professional athlete.

By britexpat• 1 year 2 months ago.

It is possible , if your company has the neccessary connections or a good PRO.

It is best to request that they ensure you get married status and family RP

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