Finger print for Wife's Visa

By ashucseng

Dear Members

My wife successfully completed the medical examination, can you please help my next steps on proceeding with fingerprints.

What is location and timings of fingerprints center?
Which documents to be carried at fingerprint center?
Is QID immediately issued after fingerprints collection?

My apologies to post a repetitive question but I could not find recent post guiding me to new locations. 


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By spooky fly• 4 days 21 hours ago.
spooky fly

Hi friend i have question regarding finger printing for Family.

My wife completed her medicals on 8th October 2018. I received "Medical fitness OK" message in METRASH2 on the same day. I went to medical commission on 9th October and they checked in the system and told me its FIT.

I went to Messaimmer finger printing section on 11th evening. The ladies inside the "womem finger print area" told her system is still showing refer to medical commission. What should i do next.

2. my son is 2 years old . d i need to pay for medical tseting for him as well. or should i take his documents to gharafa and apply for immigration directly (with passport, VISA, blue back ground photo, Arabic typed form and blood grouping). Kindly share your experience

By inraje• 9 months 2 days ago.

Hi Ashish,

What is location and timings of fingerprints center? You can go to Wakrah or Salwa Road offices, now a days all the centers are free only..

Which documents to be carried at fingerprint center? Just her passport and a visa copy.

Is QID immediately issued after fingerprints collection? No, you need to wait few days after finger prints and then visit with the printed application (or get a typist application from any medical center) affix photograph and take to MOI, there they will verify the passport, visa details, medical/finger prints details online, you need to pay fees and will give you RP then and there... better to keep 2-3days gap for all the process, don't go to MOI immediately next day after finger prints...

By Olisehenry1• 9 months 4 days ago.

Ok go to Medical Council along Athumama Stadium road before the Fly Over bridge with your wifes visa,they will give you a medical clearance perper stamped and signed...then you take it to immigration in Gharafa Area behind R&B Boutique..with 2 passport copies,take your number and make a complain they will receive the medical papers from you and you pay 1200 riyals they will print out the ID for u in 10mins....medial dont give ID only immigration will give you the ID after going through your medical papers...thanks

By iswariya• 9 months 1 week ago.

Wakra u can go

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