Information needed :On Arrival Visa For Indians

By ursgaurav12

Dear Qlers,


Greetings. I would like to know what are the basice requirements for anybody travelling from India to Qatar on Free on arrival visa scheme? My brother will be travelling next Week from Delhi via Indigo Airlines. 

He will be carrying with him the Following:

  1. My QID Copy
  2. My Passport Copy
  3. My House contract copy (Arabic)
  4. Some Cash in Indian currency
  5. 2 International ATM cards on his name. 
  6. Return ticket. 


I have heard from people that in Indian immigrations are still not aware about the visa waiver. For sure there shouldnt be any problem once he lands in Qatar. Are the above inclusions enough or does he need to carry anything else?


Thanks in advance

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By Mala Revathi• 3 months 2 weeks ago.
Mala Revathi

I came through Qatar airways from Chennai only 6 months valid passport,return ticket and Qatar id copy. enough. Otherflight I don't known. Nothing asked in Qatar immigration.

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