Need Visa Cancel Information & Details

By Bala1991

Hi everyone, 

      I left qatar 6 months back and in MOI website it is showing like this for my ID "Not Allowed to enter the State Of Qatar with this RP" but my RP Qatar ID is valid until Feb 2019. Shall I return to Qatar again with another sponser visa or I need to wait until my current visa expiry??  Please let me know the details...

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By hantar17• 2 days 18 hours ago.

If you are outside the country and your RP still valid, it can't be cancelled so you should wait until it expire , after that you should contact your previous employer and ask them to cancel your visa online .

By Molten Metal• 2 days 21 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Bala, Your previous employer , make a request to him via HR dept , they will do it for you .......................

By Bala1991• 6 days 15 hours ago.


How to cancel my previous visa.. It should done by my previous employee or from my side? plz let me know.. Thanks..

By Al-007• 1 week 1 day ago.

You need to cancel your previous visa otherwise you will not allowed for other visa,even if u r RP expired.

One of my frend has a same problem ..

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