New laws regarding visit visa duration

By peesho-khan

Hi everyone,

I dont know if it is rumor or not, but I have been told that according to new Qatar visit visa laws now family visit visa can not be extended beyond 2 months. Is it true? 

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By iswariya• 10 months 6 days ago.

Engineering category easy to bring

10000qar minium or 7000 with family accommodation by company mentioned in noc

By jansherk• 10 months 6 days ago.

my profession in the visa is supervisor and the salary is 9000QR. I am have Engineering degree. Can I bring my family in permanent residence visa?

By iswariya• 10 months 1 week ago.

Abdalla c ur personal message

By iswariya• 10 months 1 week ago.

Degree u don't have na ?

By abdallahmohamed• 10 months 1 week ago.

hi everyone,

I want to bring my wife and children for permanent visa my salary is 8500 QAR my professional is public relation officer but don't have any degree or diploma can anyone help me ? Thank you

By FlyingAce• 10 months 1 week ago.

for 1st degree Relatives its 5+1 =6months & for 2nd Degree Relatives its 1+2= 3months... so the 3month extension is for 2nd degree relatives...

It is certainly a rumor..

When the Visit Visa Law was changed, the 3 month grace period was removed, & that was almost 2yrs ago... so one could reapply for family visit visa as soon their family exits.

By iswariya• 10 months 1 week ago.

Sure it s wrong how family visit visa entirely different from free visa


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