Procedure for Applying Family Visit Visa through Metrash

By special number

I recently got approval for Family Visit Visa through Metrash for my family(Mother in Law and Father in Law) and wanted to post the recent procedure so that it will be useful for someone who try for it.

Following are the required documents.

1)Person applying for visa should have e contract with moi.

2)Go the metrash and open visa section and start new application.

3) It Will ask for some details and you can fill it.For name it will have 5 blocks and you have to fill all blocks then only it will accept the application.If name is short,you can add the concerned persons parents name and end the block with the persons last name so that it  fills all the 5 blocks.

4) upload your QID,Company NOC Letter( in the birth certificate area) and the relatives passport copies in the next upload area.(If visa is for wife maybe you need to upload other relevant documents)

5) Then click submit and they will issue a reference number and check status  after few hours.

6)In my case visa is for mother in law and father in law,so when i check after some time i see missing documents status in metrash.

7) So i uploaded my wife QID & Her passport copy and then submit it.

8) after some time the status changed to under process and it was showing visa number.

9) And the same day visa was ready to print.

This process was very fast & easy  and I saved a lot of time and was able to get visa on the same day i submit it.Hope this info will be helpful for someone who try for family visit visa.



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By MUJIPUR• 1 week 1 hour ago.

I applied visit visa for my sister. She has only one name and in metrash there is fiveblock. So i add her father name with this. Now visa is ready and name showing with fathers name .. is it any problem

By MUJIPUR• 1 week 1 hour ago.

I applied visit visa for my sister. She has only one name and in metrash there is fiveblock. So i add her father name with this. Now visa is ready and name showing with fathers name .. is it any problem

By aftabrocking• 3 weeks 6 days ago.

I am applying visit visa for my father and mother.

What do i upload in column "passport copy others" and what can i upload instead of my mother's birth certificate?

By fasikhaja• 2 months 6 days ago.

@suprabha...did you visa get approved?

i applied visit visa for my mother in law on metrash 2 , but i had no space to load NOC from company, now its been a week and its still under process, what do i need to do, i already booked her ticket for 24th...and she cant come on visa on arrival as she does not ECNR on her passport and indian authorities does not allow visa on arrival for people with ECR stamp on the passport, please advise...will this application be approved or cancelled?

i cannot even do a new applicaiton as advsied by poster here who uploaded NOC in birth certificate feild...please advsie

By fasikhaja• 2 months 6 days ago.

how did you upload qid and noc both in same marriage certificate feild? as its only one feild? did you combine both together???

By Molten Metal• 2 months 1 week ago.
Molten Metal

Thanks again,

By emyzification• 2 months 1 week ago.

Hi. I am trying to apply visit visa for my mother. As it's asking the birth certificate, I used the same passport copy there as the b.certificate is unavailable at the moment. Now it's status is missing doc (certificate).

Should uploading my QID/company NOC solve the problem? There can be 1 image uploaded for 1 section.

Please help.

By suprabha.seshadri• 2 months 3 weeks ago.

Hi, How long will it take for the visa to get approved if applying through metrash? Its been a week and still my application is under process. How long do u think I have to wait?

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