By Shriram1985

Dear All,

My RP expiry date is 19 Oct 2017 (My company will renew my RP late only) . I have already got visit visa for my parents.

They are wiling to travel on 11-Oct-2017 and will stay here until 27-Oct-2017.

Since my RP is due to expire on 19-OCt-2017 ,can i book their return ticket on 27-Oct-2017 or it should be on 19-Oct-2017.

I dont want them to face problem in Immigration in Chennai Airport.Kindly give your suggestion.

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By Molten Metal• 11 months 1 week ago.
Molten Metal

Welcome S.

By Shriram1985• 11 months 1 week ago.

Thank you for your reply !!

By NaRiK• 11 months 1 week ago.

It doesnt depend on your RP once they have got the visit visa. book the return ticket depending on the visit visa expiry and keep in mind about the name in visa and passport.

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