Visas and Permits

Bringing My Spouse With Me

By Sabrina • 14 May 2006

I am arriving in Doha on the 28th of June, along with my husband. I am the one that is to be employed.

4 comments banff_refugee • 17 years 6 months ago.

Family Visa

By qd06 • 13 May 2006

I am coming to Qatar in a few months. I am bringing my family along on my work visa.

2 comments Banker • 18 years 2 months ago.

Doctor licensing

By deesang • 2 May 2006

Hi What are the licensing requirements for Doctor's to practice in Qatar?

1 comments Don • 18 years 2 months ago.


By palukuri77 • 1 May 2006

Hi all, I've been offered a job in qatar for a salary of 10000QR. am an indian and newly married. don't have kids.

11 comments Mr Niceguy • 18 years 2 months ago.

Visa for my wife

By Kaushik • 10 Apr 2006

Hi I am at present at Abu Dhabi and was asked by my company to relocate myself at Doha.

9 comments getinandstayin • 18 years 3 months ago.

Cancelling a visa - Is it possible?

By chand • 1 Apr 2006

Hi Friends, I have been reading the notings in this website for quite sometime.

10 comments function • 18 years 3 months ago.

Visa Requirments - Certificate

By shay • 27 Mar 2006

Can anyone help with information on processing a visa if I can not obtain a copy of my diploma? I do not have a degre

10 comments Loki • 18 years 3 months ago.

Visa information

By bvv75 • 15 Mar 2006

Hello everyone, Good website and great people.

41 comments Helloqatar • 18 years 4 months ago.

Help me

By dragonfly212 • 3 Mar 2006

Hi... I am very happy to find this website. I feel like I have a friends/hope who can help me with my problem.

8 comments siddh • 18 years 4 months ago.