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name change question

By Puto_Kutsinta • 4 Dec 2023

so i applied a visit visa for a relative during the fillup, i was forced to fillup all 5 name fields, so i did the follo

5 comments goodlittleboy • 7 months 3 weeks ago.

Residence Visa Under Process

By Samantha Novuyo Ngwenya • 4 Dec 2023

Helloh everyone can you please assist,my wife came to Qatar on family visit visa and later applied for family residence

1 comments RAG PRO SOLUTIONS • 7 months 3 weeks ago.

can transfer family visit visa to Work visa?!

By RathnaKR • 30 Nov 2023

Hi, I came to Qatar via X company Business visa and they told me they'll change to an employment visa.It's been two

5 comments goodlittleboy • 7 months 3 weeks ago.

Family Visit Visa Approved

By jessicaroa • 23 Nov 2023

Hi, maybe anyone here know, just wanted some clarification regarding what are the requirements and next step, some are s

1 comments Shajid P A • 4 months 4 days ago.

Import permit for pets

By YuliaP • 23 Nov 2023

Can someone confirm (preferably with a Law number and/or issue date) or confute if there a ban on pets import to Qatar?S


Resident Visa Under Process but With Visa Number Already

By iyateope • 21 Nov 2023

Hello, can somebody advise me what to do next,  I have my visa number for the resident visa of my husband but unfor

7 comments muhammad_Ab • 7 months 4 weeks ago.

Is Qvc medical reject due to Diabetes?

By Sikander Lodhi1689788845 • 5 Nov 2023

My question is what is cut off range of Hba1c to get pass medical fitness ?And due to Diabetes qvc reject visa 

1 comments athula45 • 6 months 3 weeks ago.

Saudi 1 year visa for GCC Residents

By arvind3585 • 1 Nov 2023

Hello,  Good day. Can someone clarify if i apply saudi 1 year multi entry visa using my QID as a GCC resi


Security clearance for family visa

By sundkm • 27 Oct 2023

Hello,I am an Indian, working in Qatar and I have accommodation here. So, I applied for a family visa.

8 comments goodlittleboy • 8 months 4 weeks ago.

Saudi Visa for GCC Residents

By arvind3585 • 23 Oct 2023

Hello, Good day. Can someone clarify if i apply saudi 1 year multi entry visa using my QID as a GCC residet an


Family Visit Visa Under Process

By Dr Amir Munir • 11 Oct 2023

Hi everyone.

2 comments Osama Jadoon • 9 months 1 week ago.

My Parents' Hayya Visa can't be extended

By sanjaysuresh5 • 11 Oct 2023

I have my parents come over to Qatar for originally 1 month but we wanted to extend it for 10 more days.

1 comments Abdul Faazil • 9 months 5 days ago.

Urgent Help Needed for My PCC Application

By Adnan khan1696838768 • 9 Oct 2023

Hi everyone,I submitted my PCC application on September 5th, and it's been 35 days with no progress.


Family visit visa

By 123ABC143 • 5 Oct 2023

I have applied family visit visa for my parents on metrash2. Visited duhail immigration office, met with captain an

1 comments Raman k • 9 months 2 weeks ago.

Family Residence Visa 2023

By vickymech723 • 1 Oct 2023

Dear All,I have some doubts in Family Residence Visa for my wife and kid.

1 comments decemberist • 6 months 4 weeks ago.

Moving to Qatar

By v.khan10 • 14 Sep 2023

Hello Everyone,I am currently living in Kuwait and will be moving to Qatar to join QR on the 30th of November.


Work for Husband under wife visa

By MyQatar2023 • 6 Sep 2023

Good day.

1 comments goodlittleboy • 10 months 2 weeks ago.

Visa under process with Visa number issued

By Ali-120 • 31 Aug 2023

I have submitted application for family RP a month ago. The status was under process.

6 comments goodlittleboy • 10 months 3 weeks ago.

Transfer from a company to another

By ahmed ibrahim gaber • 23 Aug 2023

I am transfering my sponsership from a company to another via the ADLSA , currenlty its mentioned under progressing / un


Visa Concern

By RAMIEL • 22 Aug 2023

Hello Friends, Asking for your advice regarding this concern. I was offered an Engineer Position in Qatar.

1 comments goodlittleboy • 11 months 6 days ago.


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