9 Entertainment centres in Qatar

9 Entertainment centres in Qatar

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It's that time of the year! The sun's ablaze, temperatures are rising, dust storms are coming in and we're wondering: what do we do this weekend? Qatar is home to many unique hotspots where you can visit with friends and family. Apart from the aesthetically vibrant cafes and restaurants, serene beaches, insightful museums, and glorious malls, Qatar has a number of entertainment centers where you can have an eventful time with your loved ones.

Following are some of the entertainment centers in Qatar:


The biggest entertainment club in Qatar that provides fun activities such as bowling, billiards, snooker, table tennis, air hockey, board games, PC games, and Playstation is situated in Fereej Kulaib. It has a very distinct vibe. The entertainment center has a cafe that meets you right at its entrance and the gaming area is located underground adding to the entertainment vibes furthermore. Rendezvous is famous for its ambience and high-end interiors. The games are at affordable rates. It’s a must-visit spot if you love bowling and pool.

Location: Near TV Intersection, Ahmed Bin Ali St, Fereej Kulaib

Contact: +974 44866446

VIP Room: 150 OR / First hour - 100 QR / Extra hour

Timings: Sunday - Wednesday: 10 am - 4 am, Thursdays: 10 am - 5 am, Fridays: 1 pm - 5 am. Saturdays: 6 pm - 4 am 

Ladies day: Saturdays: 11 am - 6 pm

Instagram: rende.qa

Qatar Bowling Center

One of Qatar’s oldest entertainment zones is none other than Qatar Bowling Center. It offers games such as bowling, billiards, pool, table tennis and foosball. The price ranges are extremely affordable with bowling at QAR 12 per person, pool at QAR 35 and so on. Qatar Bowling Center is accessible via Doha Metro at Al Bidda station on the Green line. Hosting a bowling night with your work buddies or with family is a great idea for  a fun weekend plan! Be sure to book in advance in order to avoid any last minute disappointments.

Contact: +974 44353054 / 33362722

Location: Al Qurtubi St, Al Bida, Doha

Nearest Metro station: Al Bida Metro Station (Red Line)

Timings: Sunday - Thursdays (Happy Hours): 2 pm - 4 pm

                Sunday - Thursdays: 4 pm - 12 am = 12 QR/game 

                Fridays: 6 pm - 12 am, Saturdays: 12 pm - 12 am 

Website: https://www.qatarbowlingcenter.net/


In one of Qatar’s most beautifully designed malls - Villaggio is the host for a fun entertainment zone known as ‘Gondolania”. They offer bowling, a bunch of fun rides at their theme park, bumper cars and many fun video games as well. Prices are typically reasonable and make sure you book yourself a spot at the bowling alley, which is the most popular game at the venue! 

Contact: +974 44039800 

Location: Gondolania, Villaggio Mall

Timings: Sunday to Wednesday: 10 am - 11 pm, Thursdays & Saturdays: 10 am - 12 midnight;          Fridays 1 pm - 12 midnight

Website: http://www.gondolania.com/


Situated at the Pearl, is Megapolis, a high-end entertainment center that provides bowling, pool and other fun activities. It is surrounded with restaurants offering scrumptious meals with amazon ambiences. Megapolis also hosts VR games at a reasonable price of QAR 55 per person that children and adults can enjoy, making it a fun packed family place. This is a must visit during the weekends in Qatar.

Contact: +974 44378444

Location: Medina Centrale, The Pearl, Qatar

Timings: Weekdays: 10 am to 2 am, Thursdays: 10 am and open onwards, Fridays: Open for 24 hours (Closing only from 11 am to 1 pm), and Saturday: Open for 24 hours – Closing on Sunday 2 am.

Website: Megapolis Entertaiment Center (megapolisqatar.com)

Instagram: megapolisqatar

Rush Action park 

At Mall of Qatar, indulge in a spirited zone of activities such as the exciting trampoline that will get your adrenaline levels pumping at Rush Action Park. It is easily accessible via Doha Metro on the Green line at Al Riffa. It is located on the first floor at West Gate 3 of Mall of Qatar.

Contact: +974 40285990

Location: Al Riffa, Mall of Qatar 

Timings: Daily from 10 am to  10 pm, except Friday: from 1 pm to 10 pm.

Instagram: rush.qatar

Escape Hunt Qatar 

Brace yourselves for an intense session of adrenaline rush at Escape Hunt Qatar. There are a number of team building games available for reasonable prices ranging from QAR 300 for two players (Thursday - Saturday: QAR 400 per group), QAR 400 for three players (Thursday - Saturday: QAR 500 per group),  QAR 500 for four players (Thursday - Saturday: QAR 600 per group) and QAR 600 for five players (Thursday - Saturday: QAR 700 per group).

Enjoy your weekends in Qatar at Escape Hunt Qatar, as this is an experience worth having!

Contact: +974 33555566

Location: B Square Mall

Timings: Monday - Saturday: 2 pm - 10 pm, Sunday: closed.

Website: https://escapehunt.com/qa/qatar/ 

Lusail Shooting Club

This summer, indulge in a new indoor experience with Lusail Shooting Club. Trying out a new activity is always a good idea. Enhance your aiming skills at Lusail Shooting Club this summer 2022. 

The cost of a box of 25 shotgun shells for clay-pigeon (skeet) shooting is QR 100, and you are not required to carry your own firearm. 

Do not be concerned if you have never shot before because you will be being watched at all times for your safety and enjoyment. The manager will even give you tips on how to grip the shotgun correctly. 


Contact: +974 4495 3103

Location: Lusail, Qatar

Timings: Friday - Wednesday: 4 pm - 7:30 pm, Thursday: Closed 

Jungle Zone

This summer, enjoy a jungle-themed entertainment center with your friends and family. Indulge in a host of activities and fun rides at Jungle Zone, located in Hyatt Plaza. It is easily accessible via the Doha Metro on the yellow line at Al Aziziya station. There is no entry free. Upon entrance, you will have to purchase a card of QAR 30 upon which you will be able to redeem points from the activities and games in Jungle Zone.

You can also book it for birthday party gatherings.

Contact: +974 44999666

Location: Hyatt Plaza, Al Azziziya

Timings: Saturday - Wednesday: 12 pm - 10 pm, Thursday - Friday: 1 pm - 10 pm 

Bounce Doha

More than 80 linked trampolines make up the indoor freestyle playground known as Bounce Doha, where guests can soar through the air, bounce off walls, and embrace their inner child with each leap.

Bounce Doha is the place for you whether you want to have fun, learn how to sprint up the wall, or attempt your first backflip into the Big Bag.  

In addition to the trampolines, children and adults can play dodgeball against friends, dunk like a pro in the slam dunk zone, and perform aerial maneuvers. The opportunity to have fun and stay active as a family is ideal. 

Prices per person start at QAR 80. The 2-hour super pass costs QAR 120 per person and doubles the enjoyment.

Contact: +974 44086500

Location: Tawar Mall

Timings: Sunday - Wednesday: 2 pm - 10 pm, Thursday: 2 pm - 11 pm, Friday: 10 am - 11 pm, 

                Saturday: 10 am - 10 pm 

What’s your favorite activity to do during Doha’s scorching summers?

Let us know in the comments below.


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