Don’t miss these top (new) destinations to visit in Qatar after the World Cup

Don’t miss these top (new) destinations to visit in Qatar after the World Cup

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The month-long World Cup festivities have ended and everyone is returning to their routines. While many places that opened exclusively for the world championship are now closed or closing, there is no shortage of new places for you to check out now that the World Cup is over. Apart from several new destinations, Qatar’s usual hangout spots have also amped up their offerings.

Here’s a list of places definitely worth visiting again now that the World Cup is over.

Doha Port

Doha Port, also called Mina District, has undergone a total transformation reminiscent of a Greek Island, easily making it one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Qatar. The old port has been developed into a cruise receiving terminal. 

The new port features nearly 37 buildings painted in stunning colors featuring several retail outlets, coffee shops, restaurants, and more. It even houses a beautiful indoor fish market, in tandem with a restaurant serving fresh seafood. Between the eye-catching buildings, you can find many talented artists and painters displaying their canvases and wares for sale in the serene alleyways. Feel free to take a leisurely stroll between the alleys and by the waterfront; enjoy great art; take pictures of the beautiful port and Mina district; and dine at any of the amazing cafes and restaurants with a scenic port view.

Attractions: Chabrat Al Mina (seafood restaurant), fish market, restaurants, cafes, water sports, park, artists in action, and more

Timings: Port is open 24/7, shops timings differ

Fish market is open from 2 pm to midnight

Location: Old Doha Port area

How to get there?

The location is accessible by road for private vehicles and cabs like Karwa, Uber and Careem. 

Al Maha Island

Al Maha Island at Lusail has been one of the most highly anticipated projects of 2022. The island itself is a  great venue for events and activities for all. Al Maha Island also includes Lusail Winter Wonderland, a winter season-only amusement park bringing you 50 exciting attractions sure to entertain the entire family no matter their age.

Walk by Al Maha Drive at the edge of Al Maha Island, where only fancy supercars and luxury cars are exclusively allowed to drive around. The classic car models driving by the waterfront, against the picturesque Katara Towers in the background are an iconic sight to behold.

Dining at Al Maha Island is definitely a glamorous way to end the day, with no shortage of fine-dining restaurants. Book yourself a table at Nammos, Zuma, Beefbar, Tatel, or any other restaurant and you never know which celebrity might be dining at a table near you.

Main attractions: Lusail Winter Wonderland, Al Maha Drive, Nammos Beach Club, Billionaire Doha, Rossopomodoro, Em Sharif, Beefbar, Tatel, and others


Lusail Winter Wonderland 4 — 11 pm (Sunday — Thursday). Last Entry 10 pm and 4 pm — 1 am Friday & Saturday (last entry 11.15 pm)

Nammos Doha: 11 am — 3 am

Location: Lusail Marina Corniche

How to get there?

Al Maha Island can be accessed by private cars as well as Uber, Karwa, and Careem. An entry fee of QAR 150 is charged for private car access to the island after 3 pm. Take the metro on Red Line to Lusail QNB and disembark at Legtaifiya station. The Lusail tram from Legtaifiya will take you to Esplanade, where you can make your way to Al Maha Island only a short walk away.

Image source: mani_nair12345 instagram 

Msheireb Downtown

Msheireb Downtown located in the heart of Doha is always a dynamic hub for architecture, art, culture, and delicious dining offerings. While always home to many great attractions, there are many new events, activities and places to explore in Downtown you may have missed. Dine at any of the restaurants offering diverse cuisines here or grab a cup of coffee on the go. Visit any of the four ancient houses that form Msheireb Museums or pop into M7 to visit any of the ongoing exhibitions.

The stunning Msheireb Downtown mosque is another architectural monument worth checking out. The Baraha Msheireb is showcasing popular Disney movies outdoors every night from December 23 – January 3 at 7.30 pm for free. Even the Al Sikka activities are still going on, so be sure to visit with your family to enjoy the fun, festive vibe if you have yet to.

Main attractions: Baraha Msheireb outdoor movie screenings, new restaurants, Msheireb Tram, new art installations

What’s new at Msheireb Downtown?

New cafes and restaurants

Free movie screenings at Baraha Msheireb from 7.30 pm until January 3, 2023

Forever Valentino exhibition at M7 until April 1, 2023

Mesra exhibition at M7 until January 21, 2023

Anassir exhibition at M7 until January 21, 2023

Frida Kahlo–The Immersive Biography exhibition at Bin Jelmood House, Msheireb Museums until February 24, 2023

The Age of Modern Architecture in Qatar photography exhibition at M7 until January 21, 2023

Milano X Doha at M7 until January 21, 2023

Doha has Design – Stronger together curated showcase at Doha Design District

How to get there?

Msheireb Downtown is accessible by private car and cabs including Uber, Karwa and Careem. The location is metro-accessible with the Doha Metro Red, Green, and Gold Lines intersecting at this major junction.


Aspire Zone houses the Torch, Aspire Academy, Villaggio Mall, and Aspire Park among other projects. Aspire Park is one of the largest parks accessible to the public in Qatar. Replete with jogging trails, walking paths, and cycling trails, multiple cafes and restaurants, and a small lake with water activities, the park and its lush surroundings are great to visit this winter with friends and family. 

What’s new at Aspire?

There is a new overhead pedestrian bridge that connects Al Furousiya street to Aspire Park over the ever-busy road. The new bridge is wide and features a walking, jogging and cycling path so cyclists and pedestrians can cross over from the opposite street to Aspire Park and back without much hassle.

The King of Court Crowne Series will have its beach volleyball finals at Aspire Park from January 11–14. 

Another one-of-its-kind art exhibition that showcases the journey of football in Qatar is on display. 

Location: Aspire Zone

How to get there?

Aspire Zone is accessible by private car and cab services including Uber, Careem, and Karwa. The location is also metro-accessible from the Doha Metro station at Al Aziziya on the Gold Line. The Aspire Park and Villaggio Mall are a short walk away from the station.


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