Exclusive interview with the Ambassador of Mexico to Qatar

Exclusive interview with the Ambassador of Mexico to Qatar

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By Dipti Nair

José Guillermo Ordorica Robles has been the Ambassador of Mexico to Qatar for a year and a half and during this time he has significantly enhanced the connections between the two nations. His notable career includes serving as Ambassador to Romania and Consul in McAllen, Texas, where he established TRICAMEX, a consular coordination group now integral to Mexico's migration policy. Ordorica has held significant roles in Boise, Idaho, and El Paso, Texas, fostering educational and diplomatic ties. His extensive experience spans positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and involvement in international forums like the G-8 and Ibero-American Summit. A prolific writer and academic, Ordorica holds a PhD in Political Science and has authored several books on international relations and Mexican policy.

Qatar Living had the opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with him at the Mexican Embassy where he spoke about the Mexican community in Qatar and the relations between the two countries.

Watch the full interview here.  

Excerpts from the interview:

Q. What did you know about Qatar before you became the Ambassador here?

A. Even before I came to Qatar, I knew a lot of things about this beautiful country. Here you can enjoy a lot of world class events like various sporting and economic events. I had known about Doha as a mainstream in the world with regards to music, art and of course good diplomacy.


Q. What is your best memory of living in Qatar?

A. I have been making good memories ever since I came here. But the highlight I would like to say was the FIFA World Cup 2022, which was an amazing event. Even the recently held World Aquatics Championship, during which the best aquatics stars came to Doha, or the Qatar Grand Prix, or the Doha Forum. All have been great events attended by HH the Amir and other dignitaries from the Government of Qatar and other countries. I can’t really choose any one memory in Doha. Doha is a great place, and everything here is amazing.


Q. How large is the Mexican expatriate community in Qatar?

A. We have approximately 550 Mexicans currently registered in our system. However, this is not a fixed number but just an average.


Q. How do you support and engage with Mexican nationals living in the country?

A. The Embassy is a key point of contact for the Mexican nationals living here. We offer them all kinds of diplomatic services including consular protection and documentation. And of course, we also conduct cultural events and gatherings and communicate to them about it. So yes, we are very much in contact with our community.


Q. Can you provide insights into the current state of bilateral relations between Mexico and Qatar?

A. The bilateral relation between Mexico and Qatar today is very promising and it is developing well. We are good friends and partners and share values. We have a very clear understanding in the multilateral arena at the United Nations. We believe in a world system governed by rules and the principles of international law. So, I guess the bilateral relation is great.


Q. Can you discuss recent events or activities between Mexico and Qatar to strengthen ties in trade, investment, or culture?

A. We have many activities in terms of trade, commerce, and economics. Mexico recently participated in Expo Qatar 2023, in which, during a six-month period, we presented the best of the agro-industry in Mexico. We received over a million visitors at the Mexican pavilion. It was an amazing event that showcased Mexico as a great producer of all sorts of goods in the agro food industry. We frequently welcome commercial and investor missions to Qatar, aiming to attract investments in key sectors for development in Mexico. Through these initiatives, we are actively working to strengthen and enhance the relationship between our countries.


Q. As the Ambassador of Mexico to Qatar, what efforts are being made to promote Mexican culture and heritage within the local community?

A. Just being here, every day, I’m promoting Mexico and Mexican culture. Mexico is a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which opens the gate for the rest of the world to have access to one of the most dynamic markets in the world. Mexico is a great destination for investments, and we promote that in all my contacts with the government and the ministries. We also promote Mexico as one of the best tourist destinations in the world as it has great cities, history, sports, archaeology, and gastronomy. So, everyday I’m talking about Mexico, working with Mexicans, and trying to reinforce links between our countries.


Q. Are there any upcoming cultural events or initiatives that aim to showcase Mexico's rich cultural diversity?

A. The biggest event and most important gathering of Mexican people is the Mexican National day coming up on September 16. For that, we have a great event planned, just like last year, where we will have food, culture and the presence of many guests including dignitaries, people from the diplomatic corps and businesses. We often have gatherings at the embassy, where we present our food and culture to the guests. Additionally, we publish a quarterly magazine, ‘Sawika’, which is shared on social networks. This publication provides updates on the best of Mexico, including current events and developments in bilateral relations. Through these efforts, we keep the community informed and engaged, demonstrating our daily commitment to strengthening ties and promoting Mexico.


Q. Mexican cuisine is renowned worldwide for its flavors and diversity. Are there any Mexican restaurants in Qatar that offer an authentic taste of Mexico?

A. As the Ambassador of Mexico, I can proudly say that our best ambassador worldwide is our cuisine. Recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage, Mexican gastronomy is celebrated as one of the finest in the world, renowned for its incredible variety. In Mexico, we offer thousands of unique dishes, each region boasting its own specialties. Here in Doha, we are fortunate to have excellent Mexican restaurants, where you can savor authentic Mexican food. While I can't name specific restaurants, I can assure you that the quality is exceptional. During the FIFA World Cup, these restaurants were incredibly popular, with people from all over the world lining up for a taste of Mexico. Our cuisine truly stands out, even in Doha, showcasing the richness and diversity of Mexican culture.


Q. Talking about food, what’s is the best dish you have tried in Qatar?

A. One of the most impressive dishes I've tried since coming here is camel meat. Having never tasted it before, I found it to be a unique and enjoyable experience. Camel has a distinctive flavor that I truly appreciate. While I've enjoyed many local delicacies, camel meat stands out as a particularly memorable and delightful part of my culinary adventures in Qatar.


Q. Would you like to give any message to our audience?

A. First of all, I want to express my gratitude to Qatar Living for this opportunity to connect with your audience. The Embassy of Mexico is always ready to welcome you. We are a friendly country with an open-door policy, so please join us. Visit us if you're interested in traveling to Mexico or learning about Mexican developments in any field. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us—we are happy to answer your questions and start a new friendship. As we say in Spanish, "mi casa es tu casa"—my home is your home. So please feel free to visit; our embassy is your home too.


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