Experience Qatar - Top 6 favourite things to do

Experience Qatar - Top 6 favourite things to do

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The host of the FIFA 2022 World Cup, Qatar has been on the hot list since it became the first Arab country to bag the title! With breathtaking natural attractions, unique amusement parks, traditional markets, and some of the best outdoor activities you can find in the region, we thought it was only fair to give you a quick roundup of some of our favorite activities in the country right now.

Spa Under The Stars

Experience luxury like never before! I’m sure if you’ve been in Qatar long enough, you’ve heard about dining under the stars and creating the perfect romantic getaway. Well, it's time to bring up that A-Game, and Marriot Marquis City Center Doha Hotel has got you covered. Experience Qatar from a completely different view – literally – as you spoil yourself with their Spa Under the Sky from their helipad on the 50th floor. 

 As you take your throne (or your massage bed) on the top of the hotel, you can relish the dynamic views of downtown Doha. A little moonlight, some calming music, and a masseuse at your disposal to make sure they massage your worries away – I think it's a fair deal to have!

For more information call: +974 4419 6090

Highest Indoor Pool at Aleph Doha Residences

Westbay, or Downtown Doha, is the ultimate destination when it comes to curating a unique experience in Qatar. Aleph Doha Residences, which opened its doors last year in September 2020, boasts of the highest indoor swimming pool in the country, giving you the ideal luxurious views.

Experience Qatar from the 52nd floor as you take in the beauty from the center of the skyscrapers, a few blocks away from premium spots of the city. With natural light reflecting from the sea, you get to soak up the sun from new heights and see the city through the eyes of Aleph! 

For more information call: +974 5012 1780

Glamping at Outdoor 369

You absolutely cannot be in Qatar and not consider glamping at one of the finest spots in the country! Qatar boasts of over 22 beaches and we know you’re spoiled for options when it comes to camping. But, this is a new era and we’re taking you Glamping! 

We know that everyone wants to experience Qatar authentically but we’re not all made for that camping lifestyle. That’s where glamping comes in and we’re all up for this adventure!

Outdoor 369 is solely created to entertain families and ladies, with cabins surrounding a gorgeous outdoor area, ideal for a comfortable luxurious getaway. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, getting cozy in your majlis, or enjoying your cup of Karak, glamping with Outdoor 369 this winter season should be the way to go!

For more information call: +974 7754 4458

Art29 at W Doha

W Doha is known to be the hub of all things modern and trendy! From their award-winning restaurants to their amenities, your Qatar experience is incomplete without a visit to the first-ever lifestyle hotel in the country. 

In 2017, W Doha launched Art29, an initiative to showcase and present the finest local, regional, and international artists. Located on the 29th story of the hotel, you will always be welcomed here to experience the art in Qatar and maybe even grab a quick bite from the W Cafe in the gallery. Whenever you’re in town, add value to your Qatar experience and make sure you stop by the hotel to check out the artists they are hosting.

For more information visit: www.art29doha.com 

Kite Surf with SaltyKites

When we say that Qatar hosts some of the most unique outdoor experiences in the region, we mean it. The country has already established itself as the IT location for Middle East sports and already attracts numerous events and top-level athletes. We urge you to get a kick out of kite surfing and make your Qatar experience a whole!

The Qatar waters play a key role in making sure that this is a safe activity and SaltyKites offers an exhilarating experience with their team of professionals. It does not matter if you know the sport or not, you just need to trust your instructors and set out on this adventure! You can kitesurf at 9 different spots in the country – take a pick!

For more information call: +974 3377 7013

Gift Shop at National Museum of Qatar

To wrap up your journey, we urge you to go to the Gift Shop at the National Museum of Qatar. The museum itself is a piece of art by Jean Nouvel but we urge you to hold back on the souvenir shopping till you come here. Designed by the iconic Koichi Takada Architects, the gift shop has over 40,000 slices of European Oak pieced together like a jig-saw puzzle, creating one of the most unique shopping experiences. The array of gifts draw inspiration from the heritage and history of the country and you will find yourself going gaga over the cutest pouches to the must-have accessories there!

For more information visit: www.qm.org.qa

Whether you’re planning something with your family just headed out alone to experience Qatar, you’re bound to find something unique for every individual!


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