Explore Instagrammable Gems in Qatar

Explore Instagrammable Gems in Qatar

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The FIFA World Cup was one of the most memorable experiences for Qatar citizens and residents and one year on, we are reliving the action and remembering the stadiums where it all happened. Not only are the stadiums now icons of football history, but they are also stunning and spectacular pieces of architecture and very Instagrammable. But there are also many fantastic spots near-by that are also very instagrammable.

We take a look at these beautiful locations in Qatar which were very popular during the FIFA World Cup and are still true gems worthy of a visit. 

Place Vendôme Mall 

The Place Vendôme Mall is an Instagrammer's paradise. The mall, inspired by Paris's Rue de la Paix, is architecturally stunning inside and out. The canal that crosses the Vendôme interior and runs outdoors to the sea, the intricate French-inspired details on the facade, the luxury shopping area, the larger-than-life windows, archways and doors, and the colossal coloured glass domes that adorn the ceilings make for incredible photographs. And, in the evening, check out the mall's dancing fountains in the middle of the central plaza, every hour from 7 pm to 11 pm.  

How To Get There: If you are heading to the Mall from Lusail Stadium (reached via the Doha Metro on the Red Line), jump on the Lusail Tram - Orange Line to Lusail Central, which will drop you right in front of the mall.  

Location: Wadi Al Gaeya, Lusail City   

Mina District

One of the true instagrammable gems in Qatar is the Mina District, located at the old Doha Port. Dubbed the ‘Santorini of the Middle East’, the Mina District is a picturesque neighborhood of quaint cobbled streets and pastel colored buildings. Located next to the marina, you can also visit the stunning Grand Terminal building where stunning cruise ships dock during the winter cruise season. Walk along the alleyways with great shopping, cosy eateries and one of the most unique and truly stunning fish market.

How To Get There: The Mina District is a 20-minute walk from the National Museum Metro station which can be reached via the Gold Line. But its more accessible by car.

Location: Old Doha Port, Al Corniche 

Box Park  

Box Park, a stone’s throw from the Mina District, includes a marina, a park, a promenade and the Box Park itself - an assemblage of colourful recycled shipping containers stacked playfully to create a small retail and dining area. The containers, stacked jauntily atop one another - lengthways, widthways, horizontally and even vertically, contrast beautifully with the blue skies above Doha and the glistening waters of the sea, and the shots you can achieve here are positively delightful. For some really great snaps, head to the top floors of the containers, by stair or by lift, cunningly located in the vertical containers.

How To Get There: The closest metro station is the National Museum Metro station, but the easiest way to get there is via car.

Location: Old Doha Port, Al Corniche

Education City Ceremonial Court 

If you want to avoid crowded places and get shots requiring minimal edits onto your feed, the Education City Ceremonial Court near Education City Stadium will not disappoint. The court, designed by the 2019 Pritzker prize-winning Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, is a photographer's dream. A delicate white lattice-style concrete pergola, patterned with Islamic-style geometric shapes, catches the light and dapples shade beautifully for some incredible images. And the shallow pool in the centre of the court perfectly reflects for some excellent mirror photography. If you head there on the weekend, you could also get a chance to experience the very Instagrammable Torba Market, where you can shop some seasonal produce, interact with local artisans, and more.

How To Get There: The Education City Metro Station on the Green Line is the closest metro station to the stadium. The Ceremonial Court is a 15-minute walk from the stadium.  

Location: Education City - Gate 8 

Al Maha Island


Al Maha Island is not just the ultimate entertainment and leisure hotspot featuring one of the best amusement parks in Qatar – The Lusail Winter Wonderland, high-end eateries and cafes, but it is also very picturesque and perfect for Instagram. Located across Lusail Marina promenade and linked to the mainland via a causeway, the AL Maha Island has white sand beaches and a fantastic view of the Lusail skyline. You can also catch some supercars or classic cars on the Al Maha Drive which is adjacent to some of the luxurious restaurants on the island.

How To Get There: Get off at the Legatifiya metro station and take the Lusail tram to the Esplanade station on the orange line. It will be a 10-minute walk from the Esplanade tram station to Al Maha Island along the Lusail Marina. 

Al Thakira Mangroves 

Tired of city views? Then this one is for you. Just a short drive from the magnificent Al Bayt Stadium is an area of a native mangrove forest - Al Thakira. If you plan a visit to Al Bayt and can spare a few hours, visiting the mangroves is a must. The air is fresh, nature beautiful, and it is just the escape you need if you feel jaded by the city's hustle and bustle. Plus, the sunset and sunrise views are just incredible, the mangroves are beautiful and make for great pictures, and during the cooler winter months, migratory birds, such as herons and flamingos, can be snapped. The place is perfect for kayaking and camping.

 How To Get There: Al Thakira mangroves are a 25-minute drive from Al Bayt Stadium, so it requires a car to visit. 

 Location: Al Dhakira 

Iconic 2022  

Where else would you commemorate the FIFA World Cup 2022 other than the Iconic 2022 building? Designed by Qatari Architect Ibrahim al Jaidah who also designed the Al Thumama stadium, this is the first building in the world in the numerical shape of a specific year. You can read the year '2022' from the ground or via an aerial shot. The building consists of a two-storey ground floor and mezzanine, with each of the five-floor individual letter blocks located above. As the 2022 building is literally just across the road from Khalifa International Stadium, this is a one-of-a-kind picture you shouldn't miss.  

How To Get There: The Sports City Metro Station on the Green Line is the closest metro station.

Location: Umm Leghab Street, Al Waab  

Souq Al Wakra  

For pictures in a traditional setting, head to Souq Al Wakra near Al Janoub Stadium. This souq was once a fishing village in the distant past, but more recently, the area has been given a facelift to create a traditional market. With a network of passageways running between sand-coloured shops, a picturesque beach, a 3 km promenade lined with cafes and eateries, and traditional dhow boats painted blue and white pulled up onto the sand, there is everything you need to up your Instagram game.

How To Get There: The closest metro station is the Al Wakra Metro Station on the Red Line. Once at the station, you can hop on a free Metrolink Shuttle Bus to the souq.

Location: Al Wakrah    

Al Bidda Park 

The Al Bidda Park near Al Thumama Stadium is the largest open space along Doha's Corniche, its green lawns span 174.5 hectares, intersected by two of the city's main roadways to create three distinct areas linked by beautiful garden bridges overflowing with plants, flowers and bushes. The views from the park across the blue seas, all the way to West Bay's skyscrapers, are phenomenal and very gram-worthy. And if you visit before March 2024, you can also catch the Expo 2023 at the park.

How to reach here: From the stadium, the nearest Metro station is Oqba Ibn Nafie, from there head north on the Red Line to the Al Bidda Metro Station, which drops you at the south entrance to the park. 

 Location: Al Bidda, Al Corniche 


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