How to rent a car in Qatar

How to rent a car in Qatar

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Whether you’re staying in Qatar or here for a visit, discovering the town in your comfort is the only way we recommend to go. We highly recommend renting a car in Qatar and making your way across town without the hassle of spending an elaborate budget on taxis. 

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you are looking to rent a car in Qatar.

Driving license

If you’re traveling, it doesn’t matter where you’ve got your license for but, you must know that it is against the law to drive here without a driving license. A visitor can drive up to 7 days in the country and if you hold an international driving license, you can rent and drive a car in Qatar for up to 3 months.

If you’re a Qatar resident, you need to have a valid Qatar ID card or passport along with a Qatar driving license. 

Conditions for renting a car

Most companies usually ask for a credit card as a sure-shot guarantee for the return of the car. However, you need to deposit a security deposit at the centers before you can take the car. This amount can be from QR 1, 000 to QR 1,500 and you will have the option to pay either via cash, credit, or debit card, depending on the company you choose. This deposit is usually returned within 2 weeks of you returning the vehicle to the company.

Even though you get a driving license at the age of 18, you cannot rent a car if you are below 21 in Qatar. Check-in with your rental company for their age limits as they tend to vary.


The rule of thumb is always that the latest model costs the most, naturally. However, your renting fees will be charged by calculating the amount of time you are renting the car, e.g; a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly contract will be provided. If you keep the car for longer than the contract, you will be charged for that separately! Your rental car rates start from QR 90 and go up to QR 4000, depending on the type of car you’re looking for. A small or medium car will cost you a maximum of QR 200 whereas luxury cars go up to QR 4000.

Selecting the vehicle

Always plan according to your needs! If you’re a family with children, always go for bigger cars. Most locals rent cars to go camping or to the desert so they naturally opt for 4 wheelers. There are ample cars to choose from so make sure you exhaust all your options for settling down on one. Your choice should depend on your usage of the car, the price and lastly, the type. 

QL Tip: Always check the car thoroughly before taking it out of the center. It’s best to take pictures to avoid any problems.


Whether you are a resident in Qatar or new to the country, you will be explained the fundamentals of driving in Qatar related to accidents, maintenance, traffic rules verbally and also in form of a written contract. Some companies also provide you with extra benefits such as protection insurances, drivers, children's seats to name a few. You can always do thorough research before finalising which company you are going for depending on the type of insurance and services you get from them.

Rental Car Companies in Qatar

Auto Z Rental and Leasing
Backpacker car rental
Country rent a Car
Dallas rent a car
Belady rent a car
Blueflower rent a car
Elite rent a car
Flash rent a car
Global transport group
Golden Oyster rent a car
Jabrco rent a car
Mashaweer rent a car
Mosafer rent a car
Oasis rent a car
Ocean rent a car 
Ocean rent a car 2
Point junction
Promise rental car
Rent solutions
Safety rent a car
Strong rent a car
Sust rent a car
SVR rent a car


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