Islands in Qatar

Islands in Qatar

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Here's why Qatar is one of the most popular Middle Eastern tourism destinations. There is much to keep you entertained in this part of the world, from undiscovered natural gems to breath-taking man-made masterpieces. In terms of wonders, the islands in Qatar are the ideal combination of luxury and unspoiled nature. One can engage in a variety of exhilarating excursions or spend intriguing time in the midst of nature.

Following are some of the fascinating islands you can visit in Qatar: 

Purple Island 

Global travel website, Big 7 Travel released the annual list of 'The 50 Best Islands In The World' and listed Purple Island, among the 50 Best Islands In The World.  The site describes it as an island with a fascinating history as it once was a temporary campsite for trade with Bahrain and used by fishermen and pearl divers since 2000 BCE.

Purple Island is a natural treasure, situated on the northeastern coast of the country, is one of those well-known islands in Qatar. Also known by the name Al Khor island, the island has a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In terms of kayaking, it is actually one of the best locations to visit in Qatar

The unusual range of flora and fauna is seen here, in addition to engaging in water sports. Intriguingly, Purple Island in Qatar is home to the largest mangrove plantation in the nation, which is a sight you don't want to miss. The best time to visit Purple Island is between November and February, in Qatar's cooler months.  

How to reach: The destination is a 50-minute drive to the north of Doha on either the Doha Expressway or Al Khor Coastal road that leads to the city of Al Khor. The last 1 kilometer is off road but accessible by standard car. 

Location: Purple Island, Al Khor

What to expect: Visitors can kayak or hike, and camping is allowed onsite. There are no facilities on the island, and no shade is provided. You will have to bring your own supplies along with appropriate footwear to walk around and clean after yourselves. 

Banana Island 

Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara is a crescent of golden beaches and overwater villas just off the coast of downtown Doha.  On the island, one can take part in a variety of activities or enjoy a sumptuous stay in a luxurious water home. 

What to expect:  Enjoy an alcohol-free atmosphere with your friends or family as you surf, dive, golf, bowl, or enjoy VIP cinema. Race across lagoon waters with a host of motorized water sports. Unwind in the Middle East’s only wellness center in an island resort setting, spread across lush botanical gardens. It has 141 sea view rooms, suites, beach and overwaters pool villas

How to reach:  You can reach the island by luxury ferry boat from the Shyoukh Port, located at the corniche opposite to the Souq Waqif. It's a 25-30 minutes trip by luxury ferry from the Shyoukh Port to Banana Island. This can carry 45 passengers on a single journey and runs from 1 PM to 7 PM.

You can do all your bookings through this website: Banana Island

The Pearl, Qatar

The Pearl, Qatar is an artificial, man-made island located offshore of Doha's West Bay Lagoon area. The waterfront views and beaches provide the most breathtaking views of the sea will make people never want to leave this location.

Some of Pearl island’s famous areas are Porto ArabiaQanat Quartier, Medina Centrale, and Viva BahriyaViva Bahriya comprises stunning Moroccan-styled residential towers, the Porto Arabia towers, around the enviable turquoise beach waters. Qanat Quartier stands out because of its scenic, colorful architecture, alleyways, and amazing restaurants and cafes. It boasts a picturesque scene where Venetian charm meets Arabian chic. Medina Centrale is the bustling heart of the island inspired by the charming ambiance of the Mediterranean. It is home to local and international food restaurants and cafes, grocery stores, entertainment centers, and Novo Cinema, along with luxurious brand shopping stores.

What to expect: Discover amazing attractions like luxurious residential towers, restaurants, marinas, and boutiques located here. But hold on, do you want a Venice-like atmosphere in the Middle East's center? Pearl Qatar Island will take care of that. It has a number of canals that give visitors the impression that they are in Venice, as well as a variety of entertainment options and boat trips. The island is extremely pet friendly! 

Location: The Pearl, Qatar

Al Safliya Island 

This interestingly small island is located off the coast of Doha, south of the Pearl, Qatar.  Al Safliya Island has a shape similar to that of a stingray and the tail of the island is what is the most interesting. The thin sandy way progresses towards the iconic Doha skyline.  The path makes you feel like you are almost standing on water, in the middle of the sea. 

What to expect: This is an uninhabited island with no facilities, no restrooms, or food points.  You will be able to find a few wooden umbrellas and huts to enjoy under the shade. You are advised to bring your own supplies including food. The beach is great for swimming, along with water sports such as paddle boarding, jet skiing, kayaking, banana boat rides, and more.

How to reach: You can take a dhow boat from either the Pearl Qatar or Doha Corniche and cover the distance in 10 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. There are a few local tour companies that offer a package that will allow you a full day trip to the island, including water sports, beach games & a meal.

Location: Al Safliya Island

Qetaifan Island 

The unique gated enclave of Qetaifan Islands is inside the exciting new city of Lusail, which is situated just to the north of Doha and is quickly becoming the most prestigious location in Qatar. The magnificent man-made island will be connected to the land via causeway

What to expect: Major attractions include the waterpark, luxurious hotel, beach club, linear park, retail outlets, spas, and more.  Families may come together and spend quality time together, thanks to their wide green areas and recreational amenities, which will also include access to upscale shops, eateries, cafés, and parks. The water park named "Meryal" is one of the main attractions – with over 36 unique premier rides taking you through an adventurous and exciting splash.

This development project is keenly awaited and is set out to be one of Qatar's luxurious and peaceful escapes from the busy city life.

Location: Qetaifan Island, Lusail

Al Maha Island

Al Maha Island will be the latest entertainment and leisure destination that will transform Qatar tourism. It is located in Lusail near Place Vendôme mall and linked to the mainland via a causeway. In conjunction with Qatar Tourism Authority, Elegancia, an IHG affiliate, and IMG are leading the world-class project.

What to expect: It will be a one-stop destination for residents and tourists alike seeking entertainment, adventure, and luxury. It will be home to the highest quality of fine dining restaurants such as Zuma, LPM, Em Sherif, the dazzling Billionaire, Tatel and more, the world-famous Nammos beach club, the country's largest music venue, and of course the much-anticipated Lusail Winter Wonderland.

Check out these islands in Qatar:


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