Key attractions in Al Khor during World Cup 2022

Key attractions in Al Khor during World Cup 2022

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Al Khor, nearly 50 km north of the heart of Qatar, is one of Qatar’s major municipalities and lies in the suburbs. Al Khor has swiftly developed into a thriving city with its own housing community, public and private institutions, healthcare, beautiful beaches, and other natural attractions. In the run-up to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, Al Khor is also a prominent place as it is home to one of the major stadiums, Al Bayt Stadium, to host important World Cup matches. It is expected that many fans and residents will head over to the city for attending matches as well as visiting multiple tourist attractions.

Here are key attractions in Al Khor City.

Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium is one of the most important stadiums and will be hosting the Opening Match for the upcoming World Cup. The stadium’s design takes inspiration from the Bayt al Sha’ar of Qatar’s nomadic people and is shaped like a tent. The interiors depict vibrant sadu patterns native to Qatar and the stadium’s sophisticated facilities are the ideal location for such significant matches. The stadium features its own park which is another attraction for families and visitors. The stadium also features a spacious parking area along with dedicated drop-off points from stadium shuttle buses.

Location: Al Khor

Al Bayt Stadium park

Not just a regular park, the sprawling gardens outside Al Bayt Stadium are well-equipped for visitors to enjoy the lovely weather outside and have fun at the park during day and night-time. The park features children’s play areas; cycling and jogging tracks; football, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts; restaurants and cafes; exercise areas; and even a man-made lake with boating facilities and ducks in it. 

Location: Al Mansour, Al Khor

Al Khor Zoo & Family Park

Al Khor Zoo and Family Park has always been a family favorite for everyone in Qatar as the spacious area accommodates a well-equipped park as well as a decent-sized zoo within it. The park also has recently gotten a new addition, the Panda House, that features two pandas sent as a gift from China to Qatar. Panda House is yet to open to the public and the dates shall be announced soon. The Ministry of Municipality has introduced an app called the 'Oun'  mobile application where the public can book tickets electronically for entry into the park.

Timings: 8 am to 10 pm

Tickets: QAR 15 for adults and QAR 10 for children under 10 years of age 


Fan Village Al Khor

Listed as one of the accommodation properties for the FIFA World Cup™, the fan village at Al Khor is a deluxe property that can accommodate a large number of fans. The fans can stay in luxurious tents equipped with the best of amenities including a gym and swimming pool. There is also a Fun Zone dedicated as a space where fans can sample gourmet cuisines, connect with each other, enjoy campire, watch football on live screens, and so much more.

Location: Ras Al Qasasir, Al Khor

Baladna Park

Baladna Park is a themed family park where families and children can enjoy a day out with the available activities on offer. The park offerings include a play area, food and beverage facilities, animal zoo, and even a center where families and children can learn about dairy production.

Location: Exit 44, Al Khor

Tickets: QAR 35 for adults (13 years and above)

QAR 55 for children (3 to 12 years)

Timings: 10 am to 7 pm


Ain Hleitan Souq

If you have been to Souq Waqif in the heart of central Doha, then you are in for a surprise since Al Khor has its own Souq Waqif. The traditional bazaar-style layout is a great place to buy souvenirs, local perfumes, woven carpets, spices, nuts, and dry fruit along with livestock.

Location: Al Khor

Al Khor Mall

Al Khor Mall is replete with everything a shopper needs to the community’s needs are catered without having to venture far away from Al Khor. The mall features an Al Meera supermarket, Safari, Ansar Gallery, and other popular brands' retail outlets.

Location: Al Khor

Al Shu'aa Reserve

Al Shu'aa Reserve is a little park and animal reserve in Al Khor that is a great place for families to visit with kids. With lush green lawns, the reserve houses some domestic animals and birds which can make for a fun picnic with loved ones. It is also a common sight to watch little bunnies run about the gardens as they skitter from their burrows and chase each other. There are giant turtles out in the open along with enclosures of oryx, camel, Sheffield ponies, and ostriches. 

Location: Al Khor

Timings: 5.30 am till 7 pm (3-7 pm on Fridays)



Al Khor Corniche

With its own Corniche, Al Khor Corniche is definitely a place to visit where restaurants, kiosks and cafes dot the area facing the beach. Taking a stroll by the cool evening breeze and just enjoying the serene environment might just be the ideal way to spend an evening in Al Khor.

Al Sultan Beach Resort

Resembling a Bedouin fortress, Al Sultan Beach Resort is just a kilometer away from Al Khor Beach and overlooks the Arabian Gulf. The property is a great place for a staycation and offers tourists to unwind in Al Khor while also being at a reasonable distance away from central Doha.

Location: Al Khor


Purple Island mangroves

If you crave a bit of the beach and greenery to go with it, then head over to the Purple Island mangroves. Not only does this place offer beautiful sunrise and sunset views, but visitors can kayak while they explore this nature attraction. The salt marshes are home to lots of fish, crabs, plants, and fossils—making it all an ideal place to connect with nature.

Location: Purple island, Al Khor

Al Thakira beach and mangroves

A little north to Al Khor’s Purple Islands lie the Thakira mangroves and beach. Thakira mangroves are the largest mangroves in Qatar. The beach also offers a great place for picnicking, barbecuing, kayaking, swimming, and sunbathing.

Location: Al Dhakira, Al Khor

Al Farkieh Beach

Al Farkiah is a pretty popular beach for beach lovers in Doha and Al Khor. It is not uncommon to find families and large groups driving here and setting up camp as they swim, fish, and enjoy themselves with loved ones. The waters are fairly shallow and the beach makes for a good barbecue spot during the evenings.

Location: Al Khor Town Road



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