Picnic spots with a view in Qatar

Picnic spots with a view in Qatar

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The weather in Qatar is quite pleasant at the moment and seems to have edged into spring. The climate is not as cold and the early mornings and evenings bring with them a calming breeze with clear skies. It is a great time to plan a picnic outdoors, especially at picnic spots that give you a beautiful view of the surroundings, the scenery, the skyline, or city. We have picked out the best picnic spots in Qatar that offer a view. Head over to these places with your loved ones, a box of snacks and a flask of steaming karak in tow!

Katara Hills

A picnic cant get more picturesque when it takes place on top of Katara Hills (North & South). Relax on the lush green grass while watching dusk fall on the scenic hamlet of Katar Cultural Village and the beach. With an artificial pond, water elements, and lots of tall trees, this area is definitely worth hiking up to for a nice picnic.

Note: Food is not allowed in certain areas on Katara Hills around the padel court and restaurants. But you might as well relax on the benches with a drink. 

Location: Katara Street

MIA Park

MIA Park has long been a picnicker’s favorite place to hang out during the pleasant weather months of Doha. The park begins beside the iconic Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) building structure and has a curved promenade that protrudes into the gulf. Set up your own relaxing picnic anywhere along the grass on the promenade or walk all the way towards the inclined hill at the end for unobstructed views of the West Bay cityscape. The sunset is equally stunning to watch too. There are a few food and coffee kiosks, a huge kid’s play area and two really popular cafes along this stretch.

Location: Beside Museum of Islamic Arts, Corniche street

Old Doha Port

A short walk away from MIA Park is the all-new revamped Old Doha Port, also known as Mina District. Replete with colorful buildings, a luxury cruise terminal, and a fine-dining seafood market cum restaurant, this is definitely a treat for the eyes. The grass along the Port area, beginning from Box Park, is a good place to rest, sit down with some snacks and enjoy the cool breeze. Watch the boats and yachts docked along the pier while enjoying a stroll along the boardwalk. If you’re lucky, you might even get to watch a few seagulls along the water’s edge.

Location: Old Doha Port (beside Box Park)

Doha Corniche

The Doha Corniche is a classic favorite for people who want to enjoy a quick and light picnic. It is an amazing spot to enjoy the views of the Doha skyline, West Bay buildings, and the many dhow boats dotting the water. The Corniche strip is nearly 6 km long with grassy patches, a few trees, and several benches every few yards. Grab some sandwiches, quick bites from your favorite tea shop and find a quiet place along the stretch for a pleasant evening out with the family. You can even hop onto a boat along the dhow boat harbor and enjoy the calming ride along the strip.

Location: Corniche street

Aspire Park

Aspire Park is another favorite spot for picnicking in Doha as it is one of the largest parks in Qatar. The park has beautiful landscaped grass, a massive artificial lake with overhead bridges, ducks, boating facilities, and uniquely shaped trees (like the old baobab trees), several coffee shops, and food trucks. Find a corner that appeals to you or treks atop the small hill and enjoy a view of the entire park, with the Torch tower in the background.

Location: Aspire Zone

Dukhan Beach

Less than an hour’s drive from the center of Doha lies Dukhan Beach on Qatar’s Western coast and offers an incredible view of the sunset. This can double up as a lovely spot to set up a picnic or a barbecue night with family. The sands are soft, and littered with smooth pebbles, and the water’s temperature is ideal for swimming. Head over to Dukhan Beach and enjoy the great spring weather with your family and loved ones.

Location: Dukhan

Al Wakrah Family Beach

Al Wakrah Family Beach has been a favorite place for families in Qatar to hang around during the more pleasant months. The beach offers a calm, secure space to enjoy some quiet time with your family and loved ones. The gentle beach waves, the cool breeze, and the clean sands will make it an enjoyable experience. The beach also offers a breathtaking view of the sunrise, so an early morning breakfast picnic is recommended.

Location: Al Wakrah

Khor al Adaid (Inland Sea)

A trip to Inland Sea, also known as Khor al Adaid to the South of central Doha can be an exhilarating and fun picnic experience. The location is unique to Qatar and is actually one of the only three places in the world where the sea meets the sand dunes in a sort of lagoon. Make sure to drive there during daytime in a 4x4 car (and with an experienced driver) as there are no clear roads to reach this spot. The stunning sunrise and sunset views, the powder-soft sand, the beautiful sand dunes, and the amazing weather make this place one of the best picnic spots in Qatar.

Location: Khor al Adaid

Al Bayt Stadium park

AL Bayt Stadium Park is right on the grounds of the iconic Al Bayt Stadium and is a much-loved place for families and the public to unwind and enjoy the amazing weather. The park is massive and beautifully landscaped with a jogging and walking track, many play areas, and even an artificial lake. More than 1,000 species of trees dot the park and it is ideal for setting up a picnic in the park.

Location: Al Mansour, Al Khor


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