Places to exchange money in Qatar

Places to exchange money in Qatar

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Whether you’re a visitor in Qatar or plan of visiting another country, the first thing that comes to mind is having cash on you. Following are places where you can exchange currency in Qatar:

Al Dar for Exchange Works

Al Dar for Exchange Works' operations prioritize innovation, value-added products, speed, safety, and efficiency. They provide their clients with loyalty cards, foreign exchange, and international money transactions. Additionally, they operate a wholesale banknote dealing arm that gives wholesale clients preferential exchange rates.

Location: Muaither, Rail Mshereib, Salwa, C-Ring, Al Nasser, Al Gharrafa, City Centre Mall, Al Khor, Villagio Mall, Bin Omran, Landmark Mall, West Park, Al Mamoura, Ezdan Mall, Barwa Baraha, Safari Mall, Mall of Qatar, Umm Salal, Tawar Mall, Ezdan Mall Wakrah, Safari Mall Al Khor

Contact: +974 4455 0500

Website: Al Dar Exchange

Alfardan Exchange

In 1971, Alfardan Exchange first opened its doors. They provide foreign currency exchange, money transfers, cash pick-ups, credit to bank accounts, the highest grade gold at the most affordable prices, and a prepaid travel card so you may load it with numerous currencies and travel securely.

Location: Grand Hamad Street, Alfardan Centre, Najma, Muaither, Mall of Qatar, Gulf Mall, Hyatt Plaza, Old Airport, Al Khor, Al Wakrah

Contact: +974 4453 7777

Website: Alfardan Exchange 

Al Jazeera Exchange  

Al Jazeera Exchange is completely outfitted with the most up-to-date technology, enabling them to offer quick, secure, and economical methods of transfer to its customers. They provide door-to-door/bank-to-bank service, online draft transfers, bank transfers, cash pick up, foreign exchange services, and online remittance. 

Location: Al Sadd, Bin Mahmoud, City Centre, Asian Town, Umm Salal, Al Attiya Market, Umm Al Dome (AlRayyan), Al Wakrah

Contact: +974 4436 3822 / +974 4436 3595

Website: Al Jazeera Exchange 

Al Mana Exchange 

Since its founding in 1979, Al Mana Exchange has provided a variety of remittance and currency-related services. Their primary goal is to maintain accurate and seamless client service while placing a high priority on security and integrity. They provide quick foreign exchange transactions, foreign currency drafts, and remittance transfers. 

Location: Msheireb, Airport road, Wakalat Street, Muntazah, Asian Town

Contact: +974 4442 4226

Website: Al Mana Exchange 

Eastern Exchange  

Since 1979, Qatar has been home to Eastern Exchange. They feature a large selection of retail items developed just for your requirements. They provide services for bank-to-bank transfers, BOC-e-Cash, foreign exchange, online remittance, fast money transfer, account credit, and cash pickup.

Location: Jaidah Towers, Al Azizia, Al Atiya Market, Asian Town, Al Wakrah, Al Khor

Contact: +974 4443 9593 / +974 4432 3354 / +974 44412655

Website: Eastern Exchange 

Habib Qatar International Exchange 

Since its establishment in Qatar in 1978, Habib Qatar International Exchange has flourished, providing top-notch services to its clients. They provide remittance and foreign currency services.

Location: City Center, Al Khor, Umm Ghuwalina

Contact: +974 4442 5151 / +974 4463 1978

Website: Habib Qatar International Exchange 

Lulu Exchange 

Your one-stop shop for all international transactions and money transfers to your home country is Lulu Exchange. Along with remittance services, direct to account services, cash pick up, and fast money transfers, they provide foreign currency exchange and currency import for foreign exchange dealers.

Location: D Ring Road, Gharafa, Barwa City, Al Khor

Contact: +974 4414 9135/ +974 4414 5636/ +974 6616 7440/ +974 4416 3729

Website: Lulu Exchange 

Gulf Exchange 

Since its founding in 1977, Gulf Exchange has provided secure and dependable means for customers to send money home across the globe. They provide worldwide money transfer services, 60 second credit, cash pick up, and mobile money transfer in addition to foreign exchange services. 

Location: Old Al Ghanim, Industrial Area, Rayyan, Barwa, Asian Town, Mansoura, Ruwais, Al Shahaniyah, Ras Laffan, Mesaieed

Contact: +974 4438 3222

Website: Gulf Exchange 

Arabian Exchange Company 

Since 1979, there has been an Arabian Exchange Company. They provide safe international money transfers to and from any country in the world as well as cheap foreign exchange rates. 

Location: Msheireb, Industrial Area, Tawar Mall, Barwa Labour Camp, Al Wukair, Al Khor, Al Shahaniyah

Contact: +974 4443 8300

Website: Arabian Exchange Company 


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