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10 not-so-typical things to do in Qatar

By Bayan Khaled

Let’s all admit that Qatar is a small country and there’s only so much we can do in a small country. I went on a semester abroad to the USA and the best part about it was getting the opportunity to road trip to different states and cities every weekend and in Qatar we don’t have that. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in different ways in Qatar too!

Don’t sit there and say “there’s nothing to do but watch a movie and go to a restaurant” because that’s not true! Here’s a list of stuff you can do in Qatar to have fun. You just have to get creative!

  1. 1. Ice-skating or bowling

Just because you’re not kids anymore, it doesn’t mean you can’t skate or bowl. Did you forget how much fun that was? Go out and try it again!

2. Go karting
Don't forget about the go karts we have in Villagio mall! That's something we don't do every day so try it out with your friends.

3. Picnic at the park
My friends and I used to go every winter (because winters in Qatar are amazing) to aspire park, or Oxygen Park, or any other park for that matter.

4. Beach trip
Take advantage of the good weather in Qatar during the winter and go for a bbq at the beach with your friends, play some card games, make a bonfire. Better yet, go to a beach resort and rent quadbikes or go sand duning.

5. Go on a Dhow cruise or rent a yacht
Last year my work mates threw me a surprise birthday on a Dhow cruise at the corniche and honestly, it was one of my best birthdays because it was something different! We had good music and danced, we were in the middle of the sea, took plenty of pictures and enjoyed the awesome weather with a nice cup of karak. So try it!

6. Water sports
Do you have any idea how many different kinds of water sports you can do in Qatar? Some examples include the obvious swimming, jet skiing, fishing, sailing, parasailing, diving, banana boat riding, etc. There’s so much more, just go explore! (see what I did there?)


7. Karaoke
Yes, karaoke is fun and now they have a karaoke place in Qatar in Megapolis at the Pearl and from what I've seen, it looks like a lot of fun so go check it out.

8. Play pool/billiards
There are so many pool places in Qatar that have a cool ambiance, try them!

9. Team up and play sports
Grab a bunch of friends and plan a day to do a team sport like basketball, football, volleyball, dodgeball, etc. There are so many courts and pitches in Qatar that you can use for this.

10. Weekend at a hotel
Try booking a room or two for you and your friends at any hotel in Qatar and get the “touristy feel.” Book spa appointments, get some room service, use their gyms and pools and just go crazy.

Let us know what we're missing. Is there anything else that's fun and different to do in Qatar?


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