10 Notable Mosques of Qatar

10 Notable Mosques of Qatar

By sana khan

Mosques are an integral part of our society. Belonging to the Middle East, where Islam is the most prominent religion followed, mosques play a pivotal role.

Let’s take a look at some of these mosques in Qatar which have been appreciated for their architectural beauty.

The State Grand Mosque – The State Mosque of Qatar is one of the largest and has been renamed after the great Muslim reformer of the 18th century, ‘Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab’. The mosque features an imposing building with many domes and was built with a fascinating mix of both traditional Arabic and modern architecture which includes sparkling half-moons, a minaret and large open outdoor spaces. It preserves some of the traditional Islamic architectural elements and with its distinguishing doomed roof, it is a stunning example of architectural magnificence and landmark construction in Doha.

[Courtesy: Damon McDonald]

Hamad International Airport Mosque – The shape of this mosque is in the form of a water droplet and has beautiful interior architecture. It offers spectacular views of the lagoon and Amiri Terminal.

[Courtesy: Antony Satheesh]

Souq Waqif Mosque – Also known as the Spiral mosque of the Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic Centre, is a recent construction and has become one of Doha's most famous landmarks in a few years. This is not a traditional Qatari mosque but a replica of the Great Mosque of Al-Mutawwakil in Samarra in Iraq.

Katara Mosque – The Masjid of Katara plays a vital and significant role in spreading the concepts and human values ​​ in our religion, working to consolidate the values ​​of coexistence, tolerance, equality and fraternity, as this unique Islamic edifice became a prominent feature in the Cultural Village Katara, serving as a comprehensive Islamic institution that embodies our civilization that flourished in various arts and sciences.

[Courtesy: KN Morada]

Education City Mosque - In its strategic position at the main entrance to the city campus, the fascinating mosque is designed by Mangera Yvars Architects from London and Barcelona. The mosque has a capacity of 1,800 worshippers in its main prayer hall and exterior courtyards. The mosque's exterior elevation is covered with embossed verses from the Qur’an, whereas hundreds of small round windows perforate the fluid, white, cavernous structure.

[Courtesy – Anas and Jameel Riaz]

Musheireb Mosque – Belonging to the Muslim Bin Aqeel Street, Musheireb Area, this Mosque has many people turning up often for the Eid prayer. It is also known as the Sheikh's Mosque.

[Courtesy – Omar Chatriwala]

The Qatar University Mosque - The mosque at Qatar University was one of the final buildings to be completed in the first phase of development in 1985.  The mosque serves not only as a religious and spiritual center, but is a striking visual landmark of the QU campus, and a beautiful reminder of the country's traditions and heritage.

[Courtesy: Claireschmidtmeyer]

Pearl Qatar Mosque – This is one of the beauties at Pearl, Qatar. The mosque looks utmost attractive in the shimmer of the night sky.