10 ways to stay cool in Qatar this summer

By Mariam M.

With temperatures soaring in the 40's, you’ll want to do your best to stay cool and protect yourself from the worst of the heat. Qatar can be dangerously hot in the summer months, so it’s extra important to be mindful of this fact to stay healthy.

To make it that much easier, we’ve collected a few basic tips to keep you functioning at your best.


1. Stay hydrated

Drink more water than usual because you’ll tend to sweat more as your body tries to cool down in the summer heat. Water also supplies you with many minerals your body needs to function at its best, so take a water bottle with you when you go out and keep your glass full indoors.


2. Protect yourself from the sun

Try to stay out of direct sunlight in the peak hours of the day when the sun is at its hottest. Protecting yourself from UV rays is also important, so be sure to wear sunglasses when you go out and slather on some sunscreen (try to go for SPF 30 or higher) to shield your skin from harmful UV rays.


3. Shower more

Aside from the fact that you'll stay cleaner, a cool shower is an excellent way to bring down your body temperature, especially if you’ve spent a long while in the heat and need a quick cool-down from top to bottom.


4. Wear light clothing

Stick to loose clothing made of light, breathable material that gives your body more space to release heat. Dark colors tend to absorb more heat, so going for whites and light pastels is a better idea if you’re spending your day outdoors.


5. Eat lighter meals


Your body heats up when it digests food, so having a large lunch on a hot day may not be the best idea. Go with smaller, lighter meals, and this includes those who are planning to fast. 


6. Know your body’s best cooling spots


Cooling certain parts of your body will help cool you off faster on the whole. Your neck and wrists are some of the best spots. Applying a cool towel to your neck or pouring cold water on your wrists can help alleviate the heat faster.


7. Exercise smart in the heat

If you don’t have the luxury of a gym or space to exercise at home, exercising outside later in the evening or the early hours of morning before the temperature rises is probably your best bet in Qatar. If you have a small square of space in your bedroom or living room, download or try fitness programs that are meant to utilize only a very small space. Swimming is also a great option as it is easier to keep cool while getting a great workout.


8. Pay attention to windows

Blocking out the sun when it’s at its hottest will help keep rooms cool, so try for heavy or layered curtains and blinds. Keeping your windows closed is also probably a good idea as the heat increases.


9. Try not to heat up the kitchen

Cooking can generate a lot of heat, so opt to keep stove and oven-use to a minimum, especially if you have trouble keeping your kitchen cool. Cold meals are not a bad idea.


10. Mind your car

You may want to wear gloves so your hands don’t burn on the steering wheel, especially if your car was parked outside all day. Invest in car shades to put on your windshield to avoid your car heating up in the sun. Find shade whenever you can for when you park, and getting your car windows tinted is an excellent idea.


How do you outsmart summer? Share your own-heat-beating hacks with us.



Inline image 6 credit: koolerkollar.com.

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By Molten Metal• 4 months 1 week ago.
Molten Metal

So sweet ............... ......................

By Molten Metal• 4 months 1 week ago.
Molten Metal

So sweet ............... ......................

By omajp• 6 months 3 weeks ago.

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