WATCH: Baladna - Qatar’s largest dairy and meat producer

By Asmaa B.

Baladna Farm is Qatar’s biggest dairy and meat producer. With a surface area of over 2.4 million sqm, the farm can house 20,000 cows, all while providing them with a comfortable and safe environment. but this isn't all, the farm is adjoined by a park that visitors can explore and enjoy.

After the Blockade limited Qatar’s importing options, Baladna quickly increased its production capacities to become a sustainable local supplier. The company’s vision is to become and remain the lead supplier in every product or service segment it chooses to operate within the food industry in Qatar.

The farm’s facilities optimize production capacity, without neglecting the animals and their well-being. The well-conditioned and spacious environment allows cows to comfortably live and meet production expectations. Its veterinary laboratory is equipped with the latest devices, offering the best services for livestock care. The farm’s modern mechanism also ensures animal comfort and quality, providing customers with reliable products.

With one of the world’s most advanced milking rotaries, Baladna’s on-site rotary milking parlor takes up to 100 cows per rotation. The farm’s wide variety of dairy products includes fresh milk, laban, ayran, yoghurt, cheese and sweets.

Baladna’s slaughterhouse owns advanced systems to ensure the freshness and hygiene of the meat produced. The animals are fed natural feed, free from hormones or any other antibiotic residues, ensuring the highest quality of meat.

Not only does Baladna serve as a farm, but it also operates a restaurant that follows the farm-to-table concept. Being fresh and local, the food served meets high-quality standards. It has branches in The Pearl, Mall of Qatar and Al Khor, next to the farm itself. The restaurant has a set menu as well as products that customers can directly purchase, such as crackers, jams, spices, and so on.

Open to the public, the farm offers visitors various activities, ranging from a children’s play area to exploring the daily farming operations. Baladna’s park includes a green house where visitors can plant their own plants, climbing, zip-lining, archery and much more. The park is closed until September.

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