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Famed Doha-based photographer to cover “30 Days of Ramadan” in Qatar

Famed Doha-based photographer to cover “30 Days of Ramadan” in Qatar

Qatar Living
By Qatar Living

The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us and with it comes the great opportunity to learn, explore and widen one’s knowledge of what it means to be a Muslim, the idea of brotherhood, the concepts of patience, mercy and compassion in Islam, among other things.

This holy month in Qatar is celebrated with fervor that is visible not only in how the country is beautified, but also in how individuals embrace a spirit of benevolence.

While several food products are offered on discounted prices at major supermarkets, many restaurants also feature Ramadan tents that come with delectable Suhour and Iftar options.

Ramadan bazaars are setup at different locations in the country and a number of insightful exhibitions are also held to make the experience of Ramadan a fulfilling one. Charity endeavors are at a peak during this month with Iftar tents installed across Qatar.

This aura of Ramadan and all that contributes to it has spiked the interest of a prominent Doha-based documentary photographer, Nigel Downes, who will embark on a photographic journey in this Month of Mercy to feature “30 Days of Ramadan” in Qatar.

Having lived in Qatar for more than a decade, Nigel says his day starts with the early morning (Fajr) call to prayer and ends with that of the last prayer of the day (Isha).

Nigel says the inspiration of the project comes from his surroundings, which are infused with Islamic values.

Initially, the idea of the project was to feature one mosque in Qatar each of the 30 days of Ramadan, but that was expanded to feature all that goes into making the experience of Ramadan in Qatar different.

The visual treat will see one photograph and its story each day of the holy month. It will highlight Qatar’s food, people, festivities, charity efforts, prayer, life in general and last but certainly not the least ‘Vimto,’ the unofficial King of Ramadan drinks, according to Nigel.

Day 1 of this visual journey will introduce Dominic Foley, a humble Englishman, who just happens to be, not only an Islamic revert but an Imam at both the Qatar State Mosque and Al-Fanar, two of the most prominent mosques in Doha.

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Nigel has expertise in documentary, portraiture, corporate, industrial, advertising and large-scale events. He was the official photographer and helped produced the bid book for Qatar to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, among several other significant projects. Click here to learn more about Nigel and his story. You can also have a look at his albums here.

Ramadan Kareem!

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Cover and Inline Image Credit: Nigel Downes  



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