WATCH: A guide to Qatar National Day 2019

WATCH: A guide to Qatar National Day 2019

By QLNews

We are less than a month away from Qatar National Day (QND), one of the most special occasions in the country, celebrated with immense national pride and unmatched zeal by citizens and residents alike.

Elaborate celebrations are planned to commemorate QND 2019 set to mirror the values of the Qatari society.

The official emblem, as well as the theme of this year's celebration, was unveiled today. 


The official logo for QND 2019, carries the slogan 'Al Maali Kaydah,' which means "supremacy is hard to reach."

The slogan is inspired by a poem by Qatar's founder Sheikh Jassim describing his son Sheikh Ali bin Jassim (Joaan) and gives a clear picture of a whole generation of Qatari youth in the founding period.

'Within ten years, he mastered all glory and arts...
and attained all traits of excellence and vigorous'

The Founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed laments his martyr son, Sheikh Joaan, and gives a glimpse into the truth of a generation of young people who grew up on ethics and was raised to acquire knowledge even if the price of that sacrifice was too expensive.

Like every year, QND festivities will include parades and fireworks at various locations and activities at Katara Cultural Village, reflecting the country's traditions of weaving, falconry, and pearl-diving.

The Organizing Committee of the Qatar National Day has unveiled the 2019 Darb Al Saai events calendar for visitors. 

Darb Al Saai means ‘Route of the Messenger,’ used by delegates whom Qatar’s founder would entrust to deliver his instructions and directives. These men were known for their outstanding character traits such as loyalty, obedience, courage, and insight on account of which they were chosen to play such a sensitive role in those difficult times.

QND celebrations will kick off on Thursday, December 12 and will run until December 20. Specific slots have been allotted to families and women, besides the general public.

Darb Al Saai will be set up at the same location (in Al Sadd) as last year and will open from 9 am to 1  pm and 3:30 pm to 10 pm.

All major government entities will be taking part in special programs oriented to introduce to the public their functions and areas of interest.

Visitors to the place will enjoy a variety of events and activities that cater to all categories and ages of people.

Huge preparations are being made to receive thousands of visitors at the main venues of the QND celebration like Doha Corniche and Darb Al Saai, the organizing committee announced at a press conference recently. 

Moreover, the committee announced that a 25,000 seating arrangement along Doha Corniche will be set up coupled with large screens at Al Bida Park for live transmission of the QND parade.

Meanwhile, the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) has said it will be holding the third edition of the Qatar Flag Tour on Friday, December 13, as part of the QND celebrations.

The tour will be launched this year from the headquarters of the Qatar Olympic Committee, through Doha Corniche and then Qatar Foundation and Katara Cultural District, and conclude at Hamad International Airport.

The committee hopes to attract 5,000 people from different segments of the society to participate in this year's tour, and registration is now open for the same. If you wish to join the Al Adaam Relay, you can register online and join the relay at Katara, Corniche, QF Education City. 

To amplify the joy of this year's celebration, Qatar has lined up a series of events and activities around December 18, 2019. 

The prestigious FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019 will be underway around the same time. One of the tournament's semi-final matches will coincide with QND. The fixture is set to take place at the Education City Stadium, which will be inaugurated on the same day.

European champions Liverpool will contest the stadium's inaugural match after having won the UEFA Champions League in June. Liverpool's opponents in the semi-final will be decided during the tournament.

Additionally, under the collaborative efforts of Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC) and Qatar Airways (QA) a series of international and Arab pop-music stars will enthrall Doha crowds during December. Maroon 5 will set the stage on fire with their live performance on December 19

Just like the previous years, Qatar Living will be covering the Qatar National Day celebrations so stay tuned to our page for more information.

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