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A big percentage of women in Qatar are modest dressers, myself included. But like other women we still want to kickback, relax and enjoy the sun. Many hotels, sports clubs and  gyms in Qatar offer a ladies pool day once or twice a week, but people are not aware of this convenient option.

So take a look at the following list and start planning your next girls day out. You too can get a sun kissed tan, just don’t forget your sunscreen and keep hydrated as Doha’s sun can be a bit harsh as we all know.

  1. Spend the day by the pool at Sapphire Park Inn on Tuesdays on Thursdays from 10am-4pm at QAR75 per person. Children are also welcome with free entry for those under 6 years old, and QAR40 for children between the ages 6 and 12.

  2. ProFitness Gym in Barwa offers a not so luxurious but spacious pool for ladies on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays. Entry fee is QAR100 for non-members and age limit is 13+. So, no kids running around for those looking for some peace of mind.

  3. Cloud Nine Gym is located in Westbay, a central spot in Doha. It offers a number of services that ladies can make use of in one location, from a gym, outdoors pool and beauty salon.

  4. Al Thuraya Club, is a small sports club for women, with a decent sized cafeteria, pool and gym. If you check out their schedule you might be able to catch one of their aqua aerobics classes and workout in the water.

Enjoy your summer with friends and family even if you haven’t planned a trip abroad!

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By the_rogue• 11 months 1 week ago.

ProFitness Gym in Barwa Village Member or Non-Member you have to pay QAR100 per head to get into the Pool.

6 months ago the Swimming Pool was included in the GYM Member ship, but now you have to QAR100 per head to get in to Swimming Pool.

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