Podcast breaks through international audience’s “bubbles”

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Facing an increasingly polarized world and various "social media bubbles" among friends and colleagues, Eunice Ro and Priyanka Tilve, living in Paris and Doha respectively, decided to enact change through an online radio show.

Their podcast, aptly named "Breaking the Bubble," focuses on various divisions along cultural, social and religious lines and promotes dialogue and open conversation to break through to new perspectives.

With topics ranging from the role of humour in media, the importance of recognizing confirmation bias, and what it's like to be a spokesperson for your community, "BTB" has drawn from the hosts' international vantage point to feature perspectives that challenge generalizations in more mainstream media.

Since their start in March this year, the podcast has also featured global guests, including Doha residents, Parisian voters and an Australian blogger.

Though the podcast is a currently a side-project for the two 24-year-olds, Ro and Tilve have high hopes for the podcast's application across various subject matters. And with no shortage of topics in store, the duo have already been planning for future episodes and seasons.

"It's been really great to hear feedback from our listeners and see the impact that we've had by simply giving a platform to stories from people they wouldn't otherwise interact with," said Ro. "I'm hoping we can continue to expand our horizons with this podcast--it's taught us a lot and it's been so rewarding to share that with our audience."

Tilve, a producer at Al Jazeera English in Doha, has also appreciated the podcast's ability to provide media analysis and insight into objectivity across global news outlets.

"In our episodes, we're constantly applying the journalistic values of curiosity and skepticism to perspectives we used to take for granted. That practice has been a crucial step towards understanding others," said Tilve. "BTB, as we like to call it, has been in our lives for just a few months, but it's already transformed the way both of us view the world, and it's been incredible to hear from listeners who say the same."

Episodes are weekly and are available at btbpodcast.org or on iTunes and other third-party podcast apps under "Breaking the Bubble."

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