WATCH: Doha Nostalgia - Aladdin's Kingdom!

By QL Videos

Aladdin’s Kingdom was a beloved local theme park that opened in Doha during the 90s. It was the first outdoor theme park in the Arabian Gulf.

Also known as “Entertainment City”, the park featured a variety of attractions, including, bumper cars, ferris wheels, carousels, go-karts the thrilling “Thunderbolt” roller-coaster.

Though it was one of Qatar’s best tourist attractions, the park sadly went out of business in 2009.

Still, the legacy of Aladdin’s Kingdom lives on. It’s “Thunderbolt” roller-coaster has recently been transferred to Wonderla Amusement Park in India!

Did you get a chance to enter Aladdin's Kingdom before it disappeared? Share your memories with us in the comments below!



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By ani_chy• 10 months 1 week ago.

I believe it didn't go out of business, it was just taken off the map to make way for other tourism and hospitality developments in the area.

I spent many good yesteryear memories here, they had that Thunderbolt, those bumper cars, mini buggies and a 3D Simulator (which often used to be out-of-order, but lucky if it was working during your visits), etc. We don't have such level of entertainment city here now, at least not on the outdoors yet. Good days those were...

By jobsapp• 10 months 1 week ago.

It was so nice, we used to go from our school and ride the roller coaster. Only entry charges of Qr 35 and all rides were free. It was just awesome! Bring it back!

By unemp• 10 months 1 week ago.

boi i used to drive an ATV there!

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