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Do you feel that? Yes, that’s the breezy winds of Qatar winter. You can now roll down your windows, open your car ceilings, and drive on the long roads to…SEALINE! Sealine is the place to be this time of the year. You can enjoy the weather in so many different ways, you want to be in a fancy resort, you got it, you want to sleep in a tent, no problem!

Sealine is located in an area called Mesaieed, where you can disconnect with work and studies and have a blast of a time in the wide, open desert but you still have a connection with help such as the police and rescue guards in case of emergencies.

As mentioned, you could camp in Sealine. There are companies who have camping sites where you can enjoy a lavish camping experience, however, you can also camp safely, with friends and family on your own, without having the facilities provided. Check out our article where we provide you with camping safety tips and advice as per the requirements set by the Ministry of Interior.

You’re probably wondering what you can eat while in the deserts of Qatar, no problem about that. You can enjoy food from the resort if you decide to sleep in a building, you can enjoy the full Qatari experience from the companies who host you if you decide to go with that, but if you decide to camp on your own, just bring your raw meat and come to the desert to cook them. Click here if you’d like to learn the ways you can cook and what food you can eat while you’re out in the desert.

Your sleeping arrangements set, you’re eating arrangements also set, now the fun part, what to do throughout the day while you’re out in the desert. May we just suggest you get a change of clothing depending on what you’re doing and when in the day or night you’re doing it. Click here to check out the fun activities we came up with that you can enjoy this winter.

We left you with wisdom, now you are ready to go camping and doing other fun activities. Check out the video our team created.


What’s your favorite Qatar desert activity? Let us know in the comments below.

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