What to consider when searching for a new home in Qatar

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If you are new to Qatar, or are just looking to move houses or apartment, here are a few things to consider.

Location – Of course location is the most important factor in your house hunt. Do you want to stay close to work? Do you want to stay in a quiet area?

A couple of things to consider in choosing the right location include how far from the city you are willing to go and also the traffic conditions in that area. Sometimes even though you live close to work, you'll end up spending a long time getting in and out of your home due to unpredictable traffic conditions here.

There are a few exceptions of course, but the heart of Doha is definitely more crowded, lesser parking spaces and always crowded. Areas like Westbay and the Pearl are a small drive away from the city area, but getting in and out during peak hours is a nightmare.

Price – Your budget will of course decide on what locality, how big and what kind of apartment or house you need. Average rents in Qatar vary based on what area you want to live in.

Doha city rents are lower than areas like the Pearl and Westbay, however they also differ in quality, so choose wisely. You can get a two-bedroom apartment for an average of QR 15,000 in The Pearl or West bay or a one bedroom for roughly QR 3,500 in areas like Thumama.

Al Wakra has great prices if you are okay with the drive, since it is quite far from the city. Bin Mahmood and Umm Gwailina also have decently priced 2 bedrooms, but these areas are very congested and it will be hard to find parking on the street if your apartment doesn't come with a dedicated parking space.

Type of residence – your requirements for types of residences will vary and while an apartment is usually the best option in terms of convenience, expats with families might choose a villa in a compound or even a standalone villa, mostly for how much space will be available for themselves and their kids.

Villas might actually work out better in terms of price, considering the amount of space they provide. Beware of partitioned villas, they can be illegal.

Parking – Parking here is a huge problem, especially in the city area due to construction of the metro, road works, etc. Check to ensure that your building comes with a dedicated parking spot, preferably in the basement.

Parking your car outside will lead to a really dirty car every morning, because the country can get pretty dusty on most days. Lower priced apartments usually do not have dedicated parking spots.

Interiors unique – Interiors and fixtures make a huge difference to your living experience. Depending on the price, the quality of furniture inside your house will vary. A lot of apartments do not even have any natural light entering the house.

Also, if you are the kind who is bothered by noise, you might want to check that your new apartment does not have window ACs. Split air conditioning as well as central, are much better, and make almost to no noise.

If your flat is fully furnished, check the quality of furniture and also if the building has in house maintenance, because it will be a pain chasing maintenance people every time something breaks or gets damaged.

Amenities – If you are on a budget, finding amenities that come with your accommodation might be impossible. If you are looking for a gym, pool and other such facilities, it might be easier to find these kind of apartments in West Bay or the Pearl.

However, there are several good apartments offering good facilities in areas like Al Sadd and Musheireb. Villas within compounds usually mean you have a common clubhouse, shared pool and gym, tennis courts, basketball courts and lots of other facilities.

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By nizashajahan• 9 months 1 week ago.

Now a days all villas and apartments are under the

control of agents and they are increasing the prices exorbitantly than the real prices. More over almost all are under the furnished label and studio they are not thinking these rooms are for living human beings. Actually, we can not stay such type of homes. 1 br furnished between the range of 550 and above. People actually don't want to be furnished. In behind the furnshing they can argue for high prices of looting, They can provide the good unfurnshed 2 bhk houses for 4500 with a spacious good kitchen. Now there is no kitchen instead of that there is small space in the dark room with washbasins. We can not cook and can not keep our kitchen appliances. Agents are taking all villas and makes partitioning and giving high rents they are not listening to the facilities. It is difficult to get a good unfurnished 2 and 3 beds apartments in Ain Khalid, Salwa, Saliya. If there existing some we have to pay more than 7000 for 2 bed and 3 bed starting 8000 and above because of this furnish. All the above reasons most of the houses and apartments are not moving for rent. Due to various reason people's income are becoming low at that time they can not pay the high rents of their present home so they are forced to move as per their budgets. It is very difficult to get a home for common people.

By Molten Metal• 1 year 4 months ago.
Molten Metal

Everything means less traffic, our own beach, no un wanted crowd in the streets, peace & calm, decent neighbours, lovely kids , sweet talking strangers .........

By muad-db• 1 year 4 months ago.

Wakrah is the place to be . We have everything

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