Top 9 things to  do at Aspire Park

Top 9 things to do at Aspire Park

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Aspire Park in the famous Aspire Zone is probably one of the most popular parks within Doha. Its strategic location is such that it offers a lush haven for visitors, away from the noisy roads, while still being in a central part of the city. The park is spread over 88 hectares of land and is lined with abundant walkways for walking and jogging. The park is also home to many birds and local as well as exotic trees. Aspire offers multiple opportunities for people and especially families to plan a nice afternoon picnic or just relax here.

Here are nine things you can do at Aspire Park and we’re sure you’ll enjoy while at it:

  1. Walk

The spacious grounds at Aspire are ideal for taking a walk around the entire walking strip. Whether you just want to take a lazy, leisurely stroll around the park or reach your daily step goal, walking through the lush, green park is sure to elevate your mood.


  1. Jog

Aspire Park has a dedicated jogging strip of 1.6 km that runs through the park and attracts several joggers and runners. Interestingly, the jogging track is not just one long stretch across the park, instead, it runs at different elevations to provide just the right amount of challenge to the joggers.

  1. Bicycle

There are a couple of bicycle docking stations at the edge of the park that allow you to rent a bicycle and ride around the park. With the current weather and the beautiful greens dotting the park, riding the bicycle around the park is ideal to get some fresh air and enjoy a great morning or afternoon at the park.


  1. Hangout at a café

The expansive park does certainly leave you hungry and wanting to grab a nice drink to enjoy the weather. In that aspect, Aspire Park is home to several popular cafes that are placed strategically at the end and also in the middle of the park.

You can either grab a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate or just a chilled iced tea from these cafes.

There are several small kiosks within the park that sell popcorn, potato twisters, mini pancakes, karak, ice-cream, juices, and even small toys for kids.

They even have their own small seating arrangements for customers. Grab your favorite snack and drink and sit anywhere to enjoy a relaxed time here.


  1. Hop into a paddle boat

Another specialty of Aspire Park is its lake which is such a welcoming sight to see. There are two walkway bridges on top of the lake and a huge café that overlooks the water. If you don’t really want to jog or walk around the park, getting into a paddle boat is also a great idea to get in some physical activity.

There are also normal boats for the kids to hop into and enjoy a fun time at the lake. There is a lifeguard at all times on duty so you can be assured of everyone’s safety.


  1. Spend time with the birds

Another major attraction for everyone at the park is definitely watching the birds at the lake. You can watch them play, swim, hunt, and frolic around the lake waters and it is such a relaxing time to be around them.

There are ducks and geese and their cute little ducklings following them around. The geese can become particularly agitated so make sure you don’t go too near them.


  1. Children’s play area

Aspire Park is also very popular among kids because of their well-equipped play area. Housed within a large sandbox, the play area has all the recreation a child needs: jungle gym, mazes, swings, slides, see-saws, and even trapeze bars. Parents can grab a karak and picnic around the play area watching on as their children play away to their hearts’ content.


  1. Get in a free workout at FitCircuit

Aspire Park has a row of exercise machines set up where you can grab in a free workout with a great view. There are two FitCircuit set-ups at the park, both offering a great view of what’s happening around the park.

One circuit is set up overlooking the lake near the kids’ play area, so hop onto any of the stationary cycles, rotator combos, hip twisters, leg press, bench press, sitting rotators, and pull-up bars. The same Fitcircuit also is available at the top of the Aspire hill that overlooks the entire park.


  1. Hike to the top of Aspire hill and watch the sunset

The sunset at Aspire looks great from anywhere. The setting sun casts an illuminating glow across the lake and the trees. However, we recommend the view from atop the small hill at Aspire. It is elevated and lined with trees, so hiking to the top of it gives you a calm place to catch your breath and watch the setting sun in peace. You can even get a workout at the second circuit on this hill or simply sit on one of the benches to enjoy a book or sketch the setting sun.




  • The park is home to many visitors during all times of the day, so please ensure you leave any place cleaner than you found it. Make use of the many dustbins lining the park.
  • Try not to litter the edge of the lake with any plastic or food that could possibly be a hazard to the many birds swimming in it.
  • The park is huge, so kids might get lost easily during crowded evenings and nights. There is a LOST department right in the center that keeps announcing lost children’s details there. So if you find someone else’s lost child or are unable to find your own kid, just head there so someone will help you out.





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