WATCH: Qatar Living visits Second Chance Animal Rescue Center

WATCH: Qatar Living visits Second Chance Animal Rescue Center

Qatar Living
By Qatar Living

Qatar Living spent a day at 2nd Chance Animal Rescue to learn all about the center and the opportunities it presents for individuals looking to volunteer, adopt and support rescued animals.

Second Chance Rescue was founded in 2009, and it began as a ‘solo’ rescue mission conducted by the founder, Abdulla Al-Naemi, to help a family of abandoned puppies he found.

Abdullah’s vision has transformed from a simple rescue case into a well-known animal shelter that is now home for over 80 rescued dogs and 50 cats.

Second Chance Rescue Center is dedicated to providing care for abandoned, abused, neglected or stray cats and dogs until they find their forever homes.

The place has a lot of volunteers where they take care of dogs, looking after them, walk them, feeding and walking them as well.

If you love animals and you would like to help Second Chance Animal Rescue, you can do this by volunteering to walk the dogs, adopt a pet, or donating.

In case of you are willing to adopt any pet, you will be required to match the requirements and to make sure that the pet is matching with all your family members as well. There are also some policies that you need to take under consideration.

Any pet adopter should apply for an adoption application and to fill all of the information required, then all of the applications will be reviewed by the team of Second Chance Rescue to see if the person fits the requirements.

Ways to collaborate:

  1. Awareness campaign to educate the community about how to help stray cats and dogs, neutering and abuse.
  2. Offers/funds: Second Chance Rescue has a PayPal account, and they are more than happy to get financial support especially go ahead with a renovation project for their kennel and boarding. They are happy to receive any kind of donations as well as have a huge bill at their vet clinic to cover surgeries, and vaccinations.
  3. Events or fairs (like Christmas fair) to BBQ to any other opportunities to gather with the community. Obviously due to COVID-19 all is frozen now. However, Second Chance Rescue used to create raising funds dinners.
  4. Pet therapy: with schools and association for special need kids.
  5. Donations of items: linen, duvet, mattresses, towels, furniture like sofas and couches, carpets for our dog's kennels.
  6. Donations of food for dogs and cats.
  7. Flight buddies to Canada/USA/Europe (Italy mainly)
  8. Fosters/Adopters: to reach out a bigger community to find out the correct matches for our animals through attentive interviews.
  9. Air Conditions: the place is in desperate need of ACs for our kennels, portacabin as well to keep our dogs inside during the summertime.

It was such an inspiration for our team to join Second Chance Rescue and spend the day with them. 

Second Chance Anima Rescue Opens on Friday and on Saturday from 4pm to sunset time (6.30 pm max). First dog walk will be at 5 pm as before it’s still too hot.

To support the work of 2nd Chance Rescue, you can donate on their PayPal link: and to know more about their initiatives, you can check their Instagram page @2ndchancerescue

Adoption Application:

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By Enamor• 11 months 2 weeks ago.

This kind of project should be huge and government funded as well.They can create cats village just like Turkey. People can visit there during the weekends and donate and let their kids play with these adorable ones.

And that way people can leave their part of families while leaving Qatar in emergencies as well instead of leaving them in streets.

I really wish to donate monthly food if somebody provides shelter for my streets stray cats.

By Stiffer• 11 months 2 weeks ago.

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