How to find the best job for you

How to find the best job for you

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Finding a job can be tricky - but relatively straightforward. Finding the right job for you however, is one that needs a well-honed strategy and detailed plan. Being able to identify your strengths, goals and passions, and making sure they align with the job opportunities you’re applying for is no easy task. 

Searching for the best job for you requires a number of different factors to consider, and while it may seem limiting at the start, it will result in a more fulfilled career and help you keep your passion for longer. 

Here are some suggestions to help set you on track when starting out your job hunt. 

1 - Think about what you want in a job

The very first step, before approaching applications or deciding on changing your career path, is to have a deep think about what you want in a job. If you’re in an existing position and decided to look for something different, try to understand the underlying motivation that prompted the change. 

Do you want to do a similar job but for a different employer? Are you looking to change your career path entirely? Are you entering the job market for the first time or returning from a sabbatical? What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most and what do you dread? Are you motivated by money or fulfilled by something else? By considering the circumstances you’re able to narrow down the type of career you want.

2 - Deep dive into job descriptions

Job titles can sound fancy and appealing - but they hardly ever accurately reflect what the job itself entails. Researching the different descriptions and role requirements for various job titles will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Perhaps you’re interested in managing a team? Maybe you like focusing on efficiency of certain systems? You could have a passion for basic administrative tasks that you would never consider as a role in of itself, but upon reading certain job descriptions find yourself nodding along and getting more excited about the prospect. Try to envision yourself doing those roles and see if you can see yourself in that position.

3 - Know your non-negotiables

Another great way to identify the best job for you is to understand and know your must-haves. Make a list of what’s not negotiable for you, and a list of things that would be nice to have but aren’t essentials. 

These are incredibly personal and there’s no one list that fits all - every person is motivated by different things and prioritises different needs. You could for example determine that there’s a set salary you’re not willing to go below. Alternatively, commuting might be a deal breaker for you, and you’ll want to restrict your search to a particular location. Other factors that you could also consider are additional benefits, such as working from home, hour flexibility, job titles and working at a small business versus a large company. 

Being able to identify which factors are your must-haves and which are negotiable will help you move forward in your search.

4 - Mine your experience

Not many people end up working in their chosen degrees or discover their ideal job through career tests. Instead, people tend to stumble over their passions by understanding what they find stimulating, be it at the workplace or during moments of leisure. By looking into your own experiences and identifying the factors that contributed to the feelings of satisfaction, you’re then able to combine these ideas and map it into the world of work. 

Here are some other questions worth thinking about before you begin your search: 

  •  What was the most enjoyable job you’ve ever done and why?
  • What advertised jobs have attracted you in the past?
  • What jobs done by friends intrigue you?
  • What topics do you enjoy talking about among friends?
  • What makes a great day at work?
  • If all jobs paid the same, what would you do?
  • If you could try someone else’s job for a day, what would it be?

Do you have any other tips for finding the perfect job? Let us know in the comments.



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