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By S k1685873027

I resigned from my company 14 February and i received an email from my company that states how much i will be paid. The amount in the email is correct.
However until today (4th June) i did not receive any money from them. 
They are one of the biggest construction company in Qatar.

I went to labour court immediately. i raised a complain.
From labour department, they call my boss and HR manager to come then they showed up in the 2.hearing.
They gave me an official letter that states i will receive my money in 10 days and they submit the same letter to Labour court also.
However they did not keep their promises and they did not pay anything.

Now i received a SMS from goverment that says "YOUR CASE SENT TO COMMITTEE".

For 4 MONTHS i dont have a job and i am suffering...
Where is the justice? 

Please advise if you can, what shall i do now?
Thanks all...

By dawago43• 17 Jun 2023 12:01

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Dealing with unpaid wages can be frustrating and challenging. Here are a few suggestions on what you can do next:

Contact the labor department or ministry: Reach out to them and inquire about the status of your case. Ask for any updates and request their assistance in resolving the matter.

Follow up with the committee: Since your case has been sent to a committee, stay in touch with them and provide any additional information or documentation they may require. Keep track of the progress and inquire about the expected timeline for a resolution.

Seek legal advice: Consider consulting with a lawyer or an employment rights organization who can guide you through the legal process. They can provide specific advice tailored to your situation and represent your interests effectively.

Document everything: Keep a record of all correspondence, including emails, letters, SMS messages, and any other relevant documents. This documentation will serve as evidence of your attempts to resolve the issue and can be beneficial if legal action becomes necessary.

Explore alternative dispute resolution methods: Depending on the jurisdiction, there might be alternative options for dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. Research if these options are available to you and consider utilizing them to reach a resolution faster.

Remember, each country has its own labor laws and regulations, so it's important to seek advice from professionals who are familiar with the legal system in Qatar. They will be able to provide you with accurate information and guide you through the appropriate steps to take in your situation.

By goodlittleboy• 5 Jun 2023 21:58

I suggest you take the letter they signed in the Labour Court promising you payment within 10 days time to the Central Police located near Crazy Signal. Report the matter to them showing them the letter. Possibly, they may call the employers and question them about the payment. This may shake them up a bit. Give it a try.

By goodlittleboy• 4 Jun 2023 20:39

Nothing will change. All you can do is to cry and cry and cry your heart out. The system in Qatar has been built in such a way. Until the World Cup, there were some hope of justice as the world had its eyes on Qatar on Human Rights Violations and those in the anti-Qatar lobby were looking for opportunities to point fingers are Qatar. But with the World Cup over, all Human Rights and its violations are a thing of the past.

You will need to keep note that Qatar is a type of "monarchy". There are many companies in Qatar whose sponsors are Sheikhs. Such companies are above the law. I have had this experience when I took my company owned by a Sheikh to the Labour Court. When I saw the realities on the ground, I withdrew my case.

Your employers are well-aware of the merry-go-round that takes place in courts and how employees are made to suffer. Yes, sometimes action by the authorities do get taken but this is done in extreme cases. As such, the employers love to see you going hungry and suffer. They will take you to the point when you will not have the stamina left and would leave everything and return home. They are eagerly waiting for that moment.

If you still have the stamina left to fight your case, your case may get moved to the Sharia Court. A new chapter would now begin. It will take the Sharia Court several months to give a verdict. You may eventually win your case, but at a high cost to yourself.

It's a modernized form of slavery.

By S k1685873027• 4 Jun 2023 13:21
S k1685873027

i went to Human rights building as well, but nothing changed.

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