How to write a resume to get a job in Qatar

How to write a resume to get a job in Qatar

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A resume, also known as a CV (Curriculum Vitae), generally states the qualifications, skills, experience, and accomplishments of someone looking for a job.It conveys to employers the skills and accomplishments that make a candidate a good match for a particular job. This way, recruiters can easily filter candidate profiles that are most suitable for the vacancy they need to occupy.  Having a resume that conveys all this is good, but to land that job, your resume has to stand out in the crowd and immediately grab the employer’s attention. 

A typical resume's structure generally includes the contact information, an introduction, work experience, educational qualifications, skills and an accomplishments section. Even though the format of most resumes will be similar, the style and nature of resumes vary based on experience. For example, a candidate with many years of experience would focus on their relevant experience and connect it to the job description as much as possible, whereas someone who has recently graduated would focus more on their academic performance and soft skills.  

There are no hard-and-fast rules to resume writing, but there are a few guidelines that can be followed to optimize the effect of your resume on your next potential employer. Qatar Living Jobs has pulled together some of them, so you can get started today. After a few basic things to include in every resume, read on for some handy tips to make your resume stand out. 

Include the basics

Contact information

Add this to the top of your resume. The most important pieces of contact information are your email address, phone number and location. You can add an address and other details if required. The job post form on Qatar Living Jobs provides a field dedicated to location where employers can specify whether they are looking for an in-country candidate or are interested in recruiting an international candidate. As a consequence, it is important to state whether you are applying for the job from within Qatar or from outside.


The introduction of the resume serves an important purpose – gaining the attention of the reviewer. Introductions vary in approach and style as the goals of a fresher differ from the ones of an experienced job seeker.  While for a recent graduate it would be better to start with career objectives, an accomplished professional should use this section to highlight his profile and an overview of his accomplishments and qualifications. While writing the introduction, keep in mind what kind of a job or company you are applying for and tweak it accordingly.

Work experience 

The work experience section gives the candidate an opportunity to talk about his previous roles and career development curve. This section presents the current and previous roles in reverse chronological order, with the most recent ones mentioned first. Keep the job you are applying for in mind and bring forward your related experience. If you are applying for a job in Qatar, a Middle Eastern work experience will certainly give you an upper hand and that’s the one you should focus on showcasing.

Educational qualifications

The education section should also be in reverse chronological order. College education and certification/diploma courses should be mentioned along with the name of the degree or course, the institution, the year of completion and the percentage of marks if it is impressive. High school education isn’t mandatory to include, but do so if you have something interesting to share that would add potential value to your job application.


In the skills section, mention both hard skills that are associated with the job you are applying for, as well as the soft skills. Qualities such as discipline, self-motivation, time management, communication and teamwork are important additions, too. 

Make your resume stand out 

Add an exciting introduction

Write an introduction that shows your passion for your industry, and make sure it shows off your personality. The introduction at the top is your best chance at grabbing your potential employer’s interest, so make it worth reading. 

Use a creative template

With employers looking for something more than the average, everyday CV, it’s important to show that you’ve invested time and effort in creating the tool that could land you your next job. There are plenty of free CV templates available online, if you’re not an expert in design. You could even use MS Office to search for interesting resume templates. 

Proofread your resume

There’s nothing worse than a CV full of typos and mistakes. Proofread your CV multiple times to check for grammar, spelling errors and general sentence structures. If you can’t do it yourself, invest a little bit and get a professional to help you. Bear in mind, this document decides your future, so it’s worth getting some help if you need to. 

Share your accomplishments/career highlights

Don’t be shy to sing your praises. The reason you have a resume is not just to present your professional experience, but have an edge over other candidates and show your employer exactly why they’re hiring you. If it’s possible, add your greatest accomplishments, whether it’s achieving your targets or bringing in revenue in other ways. If you don’t have any particular accomplishments to add, put down a highlights section and include things you’ve learned or achieved during the course of your career that add value. 

Integrate your social media

It’s important to have your LinkedIn profile URL along with your contact information at the top, but employers nowadays do like to get a feel of your personality. So don’t be afraid to integrate your other social media. Maybe you have a YouTube channel that you’re proud of, or an Instagram account that you’ve worked really hard on. Share it! 

Space it out well

Your resume does not necessarily have to be just one page. If you have relevant experience and things to add that matter, add them in, even if it means adding an extra page. Make sure your resume does not look cluttered and space it out well. Ensure there’s sufficient space between lines and sections. 

Tailor your resume

Have two or three different versions of your resume to allow yourself to expand your job search horizons. You could use different versions to apply for related jobs, just to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunity to find your next employment. If your resume is in Word format, try to tweak a few details, especially in the introduction, to make it more relevant and tailored to the job you’re applying for.

Write a customized email

It might seem like extra effort, but writing a customized email for every time you send out a resume is a great way to show your dedication and passion to your employer. Use the cover letter or email to highlight your passion and why you’re perfect for the job. If you’re applying on a job board or a portal, you can always attach a cover letter to your resume itself.

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