Maintaining Work-Life Balance in Qatar

Maintaining Work-Life Balance in Qatar

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Let’s admit it, those of us who work in the corporate world have to often race against time and pull in extra hours to get our tasks done. Even those of us who have a defined routine and shorter work hours sometimes struggle to find that balance between work and leisure. But, bear in mind that hitting the balance is really important for the wellbeing of your mental and physical health.

Importance of Work-Life Balance

In the race to prove your mettle and outshine at work, one often tends to forget how important it is to strike a balance between work and personal time. We have all, at some point or the other, found ourselves in a situation where we debate in our minds whether or not we should answer an official email or phone call after work hours or take an office assignment home. For those of us with families and a strong career-focus the balance is quite challenging to maintain.

However, it is crucial that the daily grind is, if not fully then partially, equated with time-off for some relaxation and fun. Several benefits can be reaped with a regular focus on “me” or “family” time including increased peace of mind, greater energy and a renewed spirit - all of which reflect positively on one's job performance.

The question arises then, how do you find this balance? The truth is, there is no secret formula to it. You have to take charge and set your own rules. Perhaps the following could help you develop a habit of caring for yourself and finding the time you need to revitalize:

Create Your Boundaries

As much as you want to be involved with work and be quick to respond to work-related concerns or queries post-office hours, you have to accept that working around-the-clock is neither required nor advisable.

Developing a work ethic that involves diligence and efficiency is of utmost importance. You signed up for a certain number of hours, make sure you spend that time prioritizing the deliverables of the day. It is popularly said that “work never ends” and it may be true in some instances, but if you prioritize and create a to-do list for each day, there should be no trouble meeting deadlines.

With this attitude, let your coworkers and supervisors know you are available within the scheduled time of work. After those office hours, your priority should lie with yourself and your family. Incase, of an emergency or crisis, of course your role may be important, but it is significant that you do not make this a habitual practice.

Know when to say NO

Many a times, in an effort to show that the “job has been done,” one tends to pull in extra hours or take more on their plate than it is possible within the project timeline. Under certain circumstances of urgency this may be okay but is certainly something that need not become a routine.

With a concern for your wellbeing and to avoid increased stress levels, it is imperative that you learn to say no. This certainly does not imply that you reject tasks, which are part of your everyday work, but only politely refuse those that require you to go beyond your normal span of work and begin to overburden you.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

At the end of each workday, make sure you give yourself time to engage in some kind of recreational or sports activity. There are plenty of options to explore in the city such as tennis at one of the upscale hotels or Qatar Tennis Federation, Golf at Education City Golf Club, Water Sports options at Katara. The Aspire Academy also offers an impressive range of sports activities, which are sure to spike your interest in embracing a healthy lifestyle. Try something different and let your foot loose in the several dance classes offered at IAID that also provides music, arts and fitness lessons.

If you do not wish to be part of a set routine, you might as well just go to Corniche for a stroll or a quick run and enjoy the evening breeze against the gorgeous city skyline. If you’re willing to go a little further, The Pearl Qatar offers a scenic and vivacious environment for an evening walk.

Wherever you decide to drop by, just get on the go and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Many researches have proven that regular exercise has amazing health benefits and contributes significantly to an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Schedule your week with loved ones

While some people prefer me time to anything else, it is also vital to spend time with your loved ones. Be it with your parents, siblings, cousins or friends, make sure you take time out over weekdays to plan fun evenings.

Fun doesn’t have to come at a great price. Gather a bunch of your folks and hop on the traditional dhow at the Corniche or pitch in and take the journey to Banana Island. Fresh air and good company is an instant stress-buster and will surely give you the energy you need to get through the workweek.

Bowling is another great way to unwind and is best experienced in large groups as you battle it out for the winner’s title. Check out the Qatar Bowling Center or just drop in at Villaggio’s Gondolania for this acitivty.

Keep track of the latest movies and schedule movie nights that are one of the best ways to chill post-work. A fantastic offering in Doha, which is expected to run until May 2019, is the Night Market. With its mesmerizing aura, the market is a perfect spot to visit with your friends or family. There are several other options that you can find if you look around. You just need to be firm in your committment to spending a certain part of your week with your pals.

Take sometime on your own

Work-life balance doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be part of large social gatherings or remain outdoors. Sometimes, you may just find relaxation in a book of your favorite genre, listening to music that appeals to you, letting yourself bask under the night sky, or simply enjoy your all-time favorite comfort food!

Not asking you to isolate yourself, but on some occasions you need not shy away from saying no to others. Do what brings you happiness and uplifts you to find the energy you need to go on with the next day. Spending uninterrupted time on your own is surely relaxing and one of the best ways to keep that balance you’re looking for.  

Treat yourself to a spa or go for a swim. Setting some time aside for Yoga may also be mentally soothing and beneficial. Art is said to have a healing effect on individuals, so even if you’re too tried to drive, get a ride to one of the city’s great museums or check out the art exhibitions held in Doha regularly.

You might want to go for something no so typical to do. Whatever you decide, make it worthwhile and focus on yourself. Once you start treating yourself as priority, you will see greater productivity and increased levels of happiness.

We wish you all the best in striking the right balance!

Let us know how you maintain that work-life balance in the comments below!


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