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Medical Result

By Gr8-Gambler

Hi All,

I have worked in UAE for past 8 Years, never had a problem with my medical exam, recently i have moved to doha on a job visa for the post of accounts manager,

My medical report say, Blood Test Normal, Xray result abnormal, then they did PPD on 12 June 2012, and on 14th June, 2012 i got swelling of around 12mm and they recommended rumailah hospital for further evaluation, i got an appointment for 15th July,2012.

on 15t July, 2012 in rumailah hospital they took my blood sample for further evaluation and given another appointment for 12th August, 2012.

In medical commission i have been told that in rumailah it will be blood test and sputum test, but in rumailah they said sputum test is not required and they only took blood test, are they going to take sputum sample on 12th August and give another appointment in september?

Is there anybody gone through this, please share your experience as i am very much confused and uncomfortable with the situation?

Please respond.

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By Gr8-Gambler• 5 years 10 months ago.


I tried to speak to people from both MC and Rumailah but of no use. they are asking to go by the procedure cant do anything further about it.

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