Overtime in Qatar: How much is too much?

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Working hours in Qatar can be a taboo subject in certain work places when it comes to what is expected, however it is one of the topics we are most often asked about.

With a large percentage of the workforce coming to Qatar to earn as much as they can, as quick as they can. While the public sector has a more regulated procedure in ensuring rules are followed, it’s often common place to see employers in the private sector push the limits in regards to how many hours staff are expected to work.

While your employment contract will most likely specify your expected hours, it is way too often that you, the employee, ends up working more than is expected without financial compensation or equal time off.

Some companies, no matter where you are in the world, can be ruthless in this regard, knowing they have the power to keep you in the country. The question is, when is it time to speak up?

While we are fortunate enough to have reduced hours for a month during the holy month of Ramandan, certain companies use this as the rationale for “making up the hours” during overtime.

Under the Qatar Labor Law overtime cannot be more than ten (10) hours unless it is to prevent a dangerous accident, repair any consequences of previous actions, and the like. Compensation for this is greater than your basic wage by a minimum of twenty-five percent (25%).

Every employee has the right to legally consult the Ministry of Labor, but the process of filing a complaint against your employer is intimidating, and often workers will not even ask questions in fear of losing their job.

What are your experiences with being compensated for overtime? Do you have a clear understanding with your employer as to what your expected working hours are?

To find out more about Qatar’s Labor Laws click here.

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