Tips on writing an impressive CV for work in Qatar

Tips on writing an impressive CV for work in Qatar

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Looking for a job in Qatar? If yes, then we have one piece of advice: Make that first impression count. Creating a positive first impression can take you where you want to be. But of course, you can’t impress a potential employer without a curriculum vitae.

A curriculum vitae or CV is your key to securing a face-to-face interview. It provides an employer with a summary of your skills and experience, which will play an important role in the hiring process.

This document should be well put together, because if not, it will only be tossed into the piling up list of unsuccessful job candidates. So to ensure successful job applications, create an excellent CV.

Here are three tips for making a resume that will get you noticed and hired in the Gulf state:


Think about the style

First and foremost, your style of writing should look and sound professional. This means your CV should pass all the grammar, spelling and punctuation checks.

Basic rules on resume style:

  • Avoid first person pronouns (I, we). Just start with an action verb like produced, delivered, achieved etc.
  • Don’t use helping verbs, too (have, had, may, might). Such verbs are like filler words. They only make an idea longer but weaken claims and credibility. For example, say done instead of have done.
  • Use shifts in verb tenses. It is a basic rule of thumb to use the present tense for a job you are still in and past for the jobs you have left.
  • Steer clear from complex words. Your choice of words matter. Don’t overwrite or use complicated phrases and words just to impress.
  • Proofread once, twice and thrice. Proofread to avoid spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Remember, the way your CV is written will greatly influence your chances of getting hired. Put these basic rules into application to make sure your resume will stand out from other candidates.


Take note of the format

Formatting your CV is also essential. In many cases, the resume format can either make or break the document itself.

Basic formatting guide:

  • Maintain readability. For your resume to catch the eye of employers, it should have a readable format. Your CV should have a clear hierarchy to enable easy reading of the document. Make use of bullet points and appropriate font typefaces and sizes to successfully maintain its readability.
  • Pay attention to details. The purpose of your resume is to market your name. That is why it should sum up your background and qualifications in a professional manner. Your CV must contain the following:
  • Contact Information. Include your personal contact information at the top of the page—name, phone number, fax number, address, and email address.
  • Professional Experience. This section must be listed in a chronological order. When writing your working experience, begin with the most recent first. Your job title, the name of the company, the dates of your employment, and a brief description of your achievements in the job should be indicated in each work experience.
  • Education. Your educational background must also be included in your CV. It should come before the working experience and must contain important details such as higher education, specialties and degrees.
  • Certificates & Diplomas. The courses, seminars, and conferences that are relevant to the position you are applying for must be likewise listed in your CV.
  • Languages. The languages you speak are a plus point, especially if you are applying for an international job.
  • Computer Skills. It is also a good thing to indicate your proficiency in computer programs and applications.
  • Interests. If you have personal interests related to the job position, don’t forget to include them in your curriculum vitae.
  • Keep it more in-depth. CVs that provide a more in-depth look stand out more in Middle East countries like Qatar. The minimum length is 2 pages. Use this length to present your professional and educational background profoundly.
  • Bonus tip: Use standard paper and a simple font, such as Times New Roman (12 font) or Arial (10).


Don’t forget the cover letter

You only have one shot at making a positive first impression, so might as well put in your best effort. Don’t just create a rockstar CV, also consider pairing it with a cover letter.

A cover letter introduces your to an organization and establishes your intent, thus, drawing attention to your CV.

Cover letter format:

  • Header. You must follow the standard business letter style, which includes the sender’s address and other information, the recipient’s contact information, and date. The final part of the header is a salutation (e.g., “Dear Sir/Madame”).
  • Introduction. Your introduction briefly states the desired position. It should be written in a way that captivates the employer’s immediate interest.
  • Body. In the body, you need to explain why you are interested in the job and would be of value to the company. You can also mention your skills, qualifications, and past experience to entice them in opening your attached resume even more.
  • Closing. Here, you should indicate what you expect to take—your intent to contact the employer or look forward to hearing their response.


We hope this info has helped you. If you are currently looking for a job in Qatar, feel free to comment on the article or browse through

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By tinythings• 3 weeks 6 days ago.

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By carolinacarolina• 1 year 6 months ago.

Hey. If you want to find a job in Qatar. Then you need a resume like any people who are looking for work in other countries. will help with writing a resume. With such a resume, you will be able to find a job in Qatar for a working post as a financier or for another job post.

By eyad-mufti• 1 year 10 months ago.

its nice to give people a hope, but to make long story short the most important thing about ur CV is your PASSPORT .

By mohdata• 1 year 10 months ago.

another aspect that is found in the middle east is the inclusion of a photograph on the cv; it is not appropriate i feel personally but most people here have come to accept it; i was taught in the UK to never go above 2 pages and to never include personal information or photos in the cv and that no one had the right to ask me to do so; it was a considerable change to adjust to when i came back from studying and started my job hunt :-)

By sreeji99• 1 year 10 months ago.

very good article

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