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Qatar is not only a popular destination for skilled workers, it is also a great place for educators. The once seemingly dull desert state now offers plenty of jobs for both local and foreign teachers.

So if you are pursuing an essential global teaching experience, why not consider this Middle Eastern nation? Once you’ve set foot in the country, you will realize that there is more to it than the sand dunes.
But before you fast forward to packing up your things and preparing to fly, here’s a list of reasons why teaching in Qatar makes a clever decision.


1. You can coach yourself for career growth

Moving to a foreign land for work is one way of developing your career. You will get to try out new things, probably learn a language, embrace a new culture, and work in a different way.

It is like coming out from your shell. The fresh faces you will see and the new people you will work with will drive you to grow as a professional and as a person as well.

Also to mention that Qatar has heavily invested in building a world-class education system to keep up with the high-level countries worldwide. This means you have better chances of honing your skills, knowledge and expertise as an educator.


2. You can broaden your social/professional network

The fact that the country employs a large number of expatriates means that you will make many friends from across the globe.

Teaching in a state where there is a mishmash of nationalities allows you to widen your network. You will find new friends in your colleagues and family in your students. 

The school community and the network of friends and colleagues that you have built will be there to
catch you when you need support.


3. You can enjoy a competitive and tax-exempt salary

As one of the richest countries in the world, heading to Qatar for work will surely give you a competitive salary. Not only that, you will likewise enjoy the benefit of a tax-exempt salary.

The average salary for a teacher rounds up to $3,700 per month—again that is tax-free. What is even more awesome is that your employer might even pay for your accommodation, health care, and flights home. Amazing, right?

Simply put, teaching in Qatar provides you with a chance to enjoy your money and also save it for the future.


4. You can satisfy your hunger for travel and vacation

If you have a hunger for travel and foodie experiences—besides sharing your knowledge with your students—then Qatar is the place for you.

The country boasts of a wide range of entertainment options. This includes tax-free shopping, lots of restaurants, museums, and outdoor activities in the desert and on the beach. What’s more? The region also takes pride in its thriving art scene.

See? There's more to Qatar than just sand. It has transformed into a sparkling gem that offers endless leisure activities and great career opportunities.


We hope this info has helped you. If you are currently looking for education or training jobs, feel free to comment in the article or browse through www.qatarliving.com/jobs.



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By rafsmile7• 5 months 2 weeks ago.

wonderful article !

By walter444• 5 months 3 weeks ago.

Great opportunity for the "second parents and the 3rd Gods" .. Is there any scope for the engineering teachers who have Masters in their respective discipline?

By Molten Metal• 6 months 3 days ago.
Molten Metal

Excellent post, I enjoyed the content. Thanks

By britexpat• 6 months 4 days ago.

So what we're saying is that educators are not skilled workers

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