Why Qatar is the most friendly state for women across the Gulf

Why Qatar is the most friendly state for women across the Gulf

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Qatar is among the best nations in the Arab world when it comes to gender parity. It doesn’t see women as less valuable than men. In fact, it even makes continuous visible efforts in promoting gender equality and empowering women.

This is actually evidenced in a study conducted by A.T. Kearney entitled “Power Women in Arabia: Shaping the Path for Regional Gender Equality”. In the study, the global management consulting firm shows the significant progress of female participation in the workforce in Qatar.

Apparently, Qatar didn’t fail the Gulf Cooperation Council or GGC. The Gulf state not only proved to have the highest proportion of employed women, but also made itself a budding home for women leadership and business ownership.

Sounds like good news for both women expatriates and nationals. This only means that there is indeed career growth and development in the region.

So, whether you belong to the former or the latter, and intend to boost your career or propel your business, this article is for you! We will share with you why Qatar is touted as the Gulf’s most friendly state for women.


1. Labor participation

The A.T. Kearney survey found that Qatar is the best-positioned Arab country when it comes to female labor participation. It has a total of 51 percent of employed women over the age of 15 that are economically active—compared to Saudi Arabia and Oman, which have a total of 30 percent.

This relatively high rate of female participation in Qatar’s workforce is due to its initiatives of providing support and opportunities to women. The Qatari government provides a 50-day paid maternity leave to women employed for a full year and offers plenty of jobs, particularly in more senior positions.

No wonder many women find the Middle Eastern nation a great destination career-wise.


2. Female leadership

Qatar not only witnessed a new shift in women’s labor participation. It also embarked on initiatives that promote women as a leaders in the workplace. The country has a direct blessing for competent women to be in the driver’s seat.

Within the GCC region, the Gulf state has 7 percent of women in senior positions. This significant ratio of women in leadership is primarily initiated by the increasing interest of women to attain high academic qualification, though there are obviously further leaps to be made.

Seems like Qatari women and expats need not worry because it is possible for them to lead a team, even if it’s not easy.


3. Business ownership

Also in the A.T. Kearney study, it’s evident that Qatar has the highest rate of women business ownership throughout the GCC. 11 percent of women in the country own businesses compared to UAE and Kuwait’s 2 percent and Bahrain and Saudi Arabia's 8 percent.

There is also a growing number of Qatari women who strive to be their own bosses and aspire to build their own startup company. Thirty percent of the female population said they have startup intentions, which is not far from the male population with 40 percent.

This only reflects that business ownership and entrepreneurial activities in Qatar are not downcast.

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