What do recruiters look for in job applicants in Qatar? 

What do recruiters look for in job applicants in Qatar? 

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Catching an employer’s attention is no easy task. Long gone are the days when recruiters simply looked for people with the necessary skills and qualifications. In today’s competitive market, employers are looking for more than technical skills and aptitude. 

But what do recruiters actually look for in potential employees? What are the skills and qualities sought after in job applicants? Jobs may vary, but technical skills, while important, are often a smaller part of the job itself. Today, soft skills are in demand, and regardless of the job description, the most common employee traits are often universal. 

To help you better prepare for your job search and interviews, we’ve compiled a list of what recruiters look for in potential employees and the qualities being sought after in a candidate's interview and resume. 

1 - Passion

The easiest job interview to prep for is the one that makes you excited thinking about it. Recruiters respond to their candidate’s energies, and one of the quickest ways to build rapport is by showing your passion and what you enjoy. 

While your qualifications are certainly important, passion is the distinguishing factor between a candidate and their commitment towards their job. A dispassionate worker could certainly accomplish the task, and perhaps skillfully, however they’re missing a key ingredient for sustained long-term performance and commitment. 

Some questions you may be asked to determine how passionate you are about the role are: 

1 - How do you define success? 

2 - What motivates you?

3 - What makes you excited about this role?

4 - Why do you want to work for us?

5 - What differentiates our service/product from our competitors?

Check out our article on how to find your passion for a more fulfilling career to learn more about improving your motivation in the workplace. 

2 - Teamwork

Be it a small start-up or a multinational corporation - companies are not run by a single person and teamwork is an integral part of any organisation’s success. You may be great as an individual worker and able to deliver results quickly and efficiently, but unless you’re able to work with those around you, inspire other members of your team and collaborate constructively, you’re unlikely to inspire much confidence in your managers. Recruiters look for candidates who are able to bring positive energy to the workplace and are able to gel well with the existing team. 

The benefits of being a good team player don’t end with the company, it offers the candidate the opportunity of continuous growth and development. Each and every time people interact with one another, discuss aims and objectives, brainstorm ideas about how to achieve them and evaluate processes, they are developing and learning. The flow of new ideas enriches not just the team and process, but also the individual’s thinking.

3 - Motivation 

While motivation and passion are closely related, recruiters will be looking carefully at those candidates that are self-motivated. These employees don’t need to be pushed and reminded of what needs to be done, aren’t counting the minutes till the weekend comes and approach each project with a fresh outlook.

Some questions recruiters may ask to learn more about what motivates you are:

1 - What is your biggest dream in life? 

2 - What role does your manager play in motivating you at work?

3 - What do you believe encourages your best job performance?

4 - How would you create a work environment that motivates employees?

4 - Interpersonal skills

By cultivating strong interpersonal skills, you’re able to build relationships, communicate effectively and manage situations appropriately. Regardless of whether your day to day requires you to work directly with customers, these skills form a pivotal part of your professional toolbox. From the ability to collaborate with different departments on a project to liaising with key stakeholders, confidence, empathy and strong communication skills are needed at every level. 

By showing the recruiter these key skills, whether by highlighting scenarios and experiences that showcase these particular skills, or by demonstrating the ability in the interview itself, you will showcase your ability to bring out the strengths in any team and ensure projects are completed efficiently. 

5 - Problem solving and critical thinking

The ability to deal with problems and think critically is one of the most important skills employers value. Analysing information objectively and making a reasonable judgement highlights to an employer that not only are you able to evaluate information effectively and research findings, but that you are able to extrapolate the necessary conclusions. 

These skills mean that you can deal with curveballs thrown your way and work under pressure. When you’re confronted with a problem, you can look at it both objectively and creatively, to understand the best course of action. 

What skills do you believe are integral in today’s workplace? Let us know in the comments


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By goodlittleboy• 6 days 8 hours ago.

In the Middle East they look for the following qualities:

First is your nationality. An Indian-managed company shuns Pakistanis. A Filipino HR Manager seeks to hire a Kabayan. Bangladeshis checks if the applicant is a Bondhu. In the case of Indians, the selection procedure gets further fine-tuned to states. Keralites are reputed to hire only people from Kerala followed by Hyderabadis who are equally bad.

The second thing that plays an important role is your religion. This is an unseen part. The major effort is to keep Muslims away from getting employed. It is one of the "silent" ways of hitting out at Muslims. And I am saying this from facts.

It is difficult for employers to judge from my name what my religion is. I applied for a job vacancy in S. Arabia at a western pharmaceutical company (Lily). I got a call from them and I was asked in a very sweet manner if I was a Muslim. I never received an interview call. Also in S. Arabia, I worked at an under-construction plant project (UNITED) where the Safety Department was headed by Christians from S. Africa. I am told all CVs of Muslim applicants were shredded. News spread. Then CVs with a Cross on the top and some with words in bold letters "Firm believer in the Resurrection", "Born again Christians", "Christ is the Redeemer" etc. began flowing in to the company for jobs. In Qatar too, this thing is prevalent. I was called for an interview at a construction firm possibly managed by the French. I was at the company 10 minutes before the time for the interview. The Filipina receptionist realized I was not a Christian. She kept me sitting for 30 minutes and then she called the HR Manager informing him I had "just arrived"! Not just that. There existed a company (SENDAN) in Jubail Industrial City that did not have a single worker in the office of any other religion except a Hindu and that too from Kerala. I am not aware now if things have changed since then in this company.

As such, when applying for a job in the Middle East, do some legwork and find out somethings about the HR Manager and his team and then tune your CV accordingly.

These are true facts on the ground. If you match the above requirements of the HR Manager, all other qualities mentioned in this post will be put to the wind.

Having said that, there are some exceptions but these are on the rare side. I met one Dr. Sharma who was a retired ranking officer from the Indian navy. Dr. Sharma was a man with a very broad mind and looked far beyond the above requirements of nationality, race, culture or religion when dealing with people or job applicants. But such people can be counted on the fingers. I SALUTE him.

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