Working in Qatar


By p00103740 • 15 Jan 2006

[img_assist|fid=2199|thumb=1|alt=leo dude] hi all, guyz am jus movin in to doha next week as am posted ther in an

1 comments Safwany • 18 years 6 months ago.

Maps - Doha and Qatar

By suntzu • 14 Jan 2006

Maps: Topographical & Municipal Can someone help me learn Doha and Qatar by pointing me to where I can locate maps

1 comments jbravo69 • 18 years 6 months ago.

Cost of Cars

By AusM • 13 Jan 2006

Hi All, I will be moving from Australia to Qatar on January 23rd and am wondering what the cost of cars from the chea

1 comments dweller • 18 years 5 months ago.

Attesting copies of degree?

By BritishBlonde • 11 Jan 2006

Hello Everyone, I am off to work in Qatar soon and I am really looking forward to it!

20 comments AusM • 18 years 6 months ago.

Good Websites for Work in Qatar??

By carys • 11 Jan 2006

Does anyone know any good websites for work??

5 comments Safwany • 18 years 6 months ago.

Foriegn Womens employed life in qatar

By madhu • 10 Jan 2006

Hi, I am new to this site. I am an Indian women, whose hubby is intrested in seeking employmnet in Qatar.

3 comments Angelo • 18 years 6 months ago.

Working for Qatar Airways and living in Doha

By worldcitizenkiwi • 17 Dec 2005

Hi, I am about to fly to Qatar for an interview with Qatar Airways, in a managerial (flying a desk) HR role.


life style

By albert • 10 Dec 2005

Hi All I got a job in qatar in auto motive bussiness ,I'm 33 years old married , I want to know How much I must get as

1 comments qatari • 18 years 7 months ago.

Please, more info on living & working in Qatar.

By DEANO • 7 Dec 2005

Hello all, I'm a 34 year old male, & have been given an opportunity to live & work in Qatar.

19 comments DEANO • 18 years 7 months ago.

Looking for informations !

By Stephan • 1 Dec 2005

I'm a 30 years yold belgian married man. I've lived in Qatar for nearly 10 years during the 80's and went to the french

10 comments butterfly • 18 years 7 months ago.

Ask Qatar Living: Your Advice can spell the difference

By patricia • 22 Nov 2005

hi guys! i'm surprised there is this organized webpage about life in Qatar.

5 comments Super7 • 18 years 7 months ago.

Starting a business

By Super7 • 21 Nov 2005

Hi I am trying to start a business here in Qatar but need a Qatari sponsor. I have searched the web but to no avai

10 comments dentist • 18 years 7 months ago.

plz help! i cant find a jobbb

By suzan • 17 Nov 2005

hi, im new here, h r u guys? i have this huge problem...i've benn in doha for almost 4 months and i cant find a job..

10 comments Mr Bean • 18 years 8 months ago.

Usual Amount of Allowance for Foods and Transportation for a Single Person

By ariabaket • 14 Nov 2005

I am Asian and single, probably to start work in Qatar by next year.

1 comments mohammed • 18 years 8 months ago.

Building a Career

By Energizer • 11 Nov 2005

Hi, I am a instrumentation and control engineer.


Compensation and Wage

By fortuneseeker • 6 Nov 2005

i am an engineer from the philippines and just recently been offered to work for a job in one of the major power plants

1 comments qatari • 18 years 8 months ago.